“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!

Just HOT…

Posted by Jen on January 10, 2007


Sakis Rouvas an extremely hot & sexy Greek singer who is now known to be the most beautiful, attractive, handsome, and charming man in the WORLD! :o) Click to view the Hotness…


10 Responses to “Just HOT…”

  1. Cyrus said

    hot & sexy 2al, HA!.. U should see me on the beach, BETTEKAL !! :)))))))))))))))

  2. Kook said

    Now thats YUMMY :P

  3. DAN said

    enter sleep mode ? [Y]/[N] — y — enter
    dreams on/off— on — enter
    back to reality on/off — off— enter
    save changes ? [Y]/[N] —Y—
    exit ? [Y]/[N] — Y— have a sweet dreams :)

  4. Jen said

    Dan, r u jealous? the guy is HOT u must admit :o)

  5. Cyrus said

    thx jen, that’s sweet of you:))) AH OK, now i got it, ur talking about this singer:( sorry ya 3ammeh daya3nah :)))

  6. Jen said

    Cyrus, ur even HOTTER beach or no beach :P

  7. DAN said

    jealous ? yea when hell freezes over ;) u still in sleep mode ? :)

  8. steve marco said

    well his hot :P

  9. Jen said

    At least one of the guys admit it

  10. DAN said

    hope u feel better now :)

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