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Cyrus Recipe For a Long Lasting Life !!

Posted by perfect eLement on December 27, 2006


Yes, not only Grandpa & Grandma have their own recipes.. even myself have my own one for a long lasting life.. :)) guess this habbit runs in the family:)))  Anyway, That’s me in the picture “CYRUS THE GREAT IN ACTION” sitting in a small corner in the kitchen preparing the magic recipe for a special family dinner: SALMON/PHILADELPHIA CHEESE ROLLS !

small corner: coz ken fi chi 16 people in the kitchen helping,  so i was lucky enough that i found a place to fit in & sit:)))


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Posted by Kook on December 27, 2006

Today @ exactly 9:40 AM Q8 time the Kook soberness was put to an END! Yes ppl… FINALLY…ITS OVER… FINITOOOOO. This is like a “Happy Net Year” for me :). Well i just wanted to publically announce the great news and the joy im living right now and that as of today…NO MORE SOBER KOOK! :) Its back to the addiction… back to the good old days…the ‘NOT’ sober days…back to the good old times… the NETKA times :)…back to the feeling of being a NETAHOLIC again :). God it really is a GREAT feeling to be back again :)… Well enough of my joy… plz do await the ‘NOT’ sober Kook posts and hope to be @ the level of ur expectations ;) So go with peace everyone and HALLELUJAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… God Bless u All

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Sleepless Night…

Posted by Kook on December 26, 2006

sleepless-night.jpgGod today really was a long endless day, it just felt LONG and ENDLESS!!! A tough, hectic day @ work since i was off yesterday, but its ok i handled the pressure and load of work, im used to it :). Not only was today LONG and ENDLESS but also SLEEPLESS… i just cant SLEEP! ummmmmmm maybe its Mr. Turkey guilt or something… IM REALLY VERY SORRY BUTTERBALL… I MISS U…FORGIVE ME! And my god ONLY 5 days left and we enter a New Year, can u believe it! Bye Bye Bye 2006 and HELLLLLLOOOO 2007. Time really passes quickly…life is short… so we really must ENJOY :) you better have ur New Year resolutions ready :). I bet u think this post is BORING! well its coz i do… im sorry but i just got carried away.. i’d better check this post tomorrow in case im dreaming or sleep walking ;). Just pray i dont have any BUTTERBALL nightmares coz i really must get some SLEEP, since tomorrow awaits another ENDLESS, sober day. Good Night Everyone…

P.S. i just bet that when Jen reads this tomorrow shes going to say its coz of BABA… well no Jen… Saba2tek Hal Marah ;)

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Grand”PA” Recipe For a Long Lasting Life !!

Posted by perfect eLement on December 26, 2006

click to enlarge

NO COMMENT !! :))) click to enlarge pic

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Grand”MA” Recipe For a Long Lasting Life !

Posted by perfect eLement on December 26, 2006

click to enalrgeSandwich JNAYNEH !! :)) (That’s what my grandma call it)

Ingredients: Khebez mar2ou2, labneh, zeit, zaytoun, khiyar, na3na3, flayfleh, rocca, bassal, banadura and last but not least rasheet mele7 :))) wou alef sa7tein…!! (btw, i couldn’t finish it, so she forced me to eat it coz she beleives enno shabab of today are shabab CARTOON !!:)))

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Posted by perfect eLement on December 26, 2006

Merry xtmas to all of you scientists:) hope you had a great eve wou tkounoh chrebtoh kesseh the same way metel ma ana chrebet kesskoun:) cheers.. (pic 1: is the first tree that welcomed me when i first entered our neighborhood, and the 2nd one is my mom’s creation at home, not bad for a person who didn’t get close to a xtmas tree for almost 20 years:) nothing personal, it’s just that i always used to take care of it)

click to enlargeclick to enlarge

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U Gotta LOVE It!

Posted by Kook on December 26, 2006

In Lebanon we have a famous tradition to make the Lebanese dessert called “Meghli” as in “Rice Pudding” in the occassion of a new born baby. As like every year not only does Mr. Turkey as in BUTTERBALL ;) steal the spotlight… but my mum also makes Meghli. Since its Christmas and Christ was born and coz of ME! its one of my fav desserts and coz i truly LOVE IT! ummmmmmm… what not to love… u just GOTTA LOVE IT :) Merci mum habibti :x teslam dayateek. Heres the recipe ENJOY :)

1 cup ground rice
5 cups cold water
1 1/4 cup granulated sugar
1/2 tsp powdered aniseed
1/2 tsp powdered fennel seed
1/2 tsp powdered caraway seed
2 tsp ground cinnamon
shredded coconut or slivered almonds for garnish

Mix one cup of the cold water and the ground rice into a smooth paste. Stir in the sugar and all ingredients except the garnish.

In a heavy saucepan bring the remaining 5 cups of water to a boil. Stir in the rice mixture gradually, stir vigorously. Stir constantly until the mixture comes to boil again.

Reduce heat to very low and simmer. Stir occasionally about 1 hour or until done.

Transfer to individual dessert bowls and refrigerate. Serve chilled. Decorate with coconut or slivered almonds if desired.

P.S. After my mum witnessed my master piece, decorative style ;) she put me in charge of decorating the Meghli plates for family and friends. Well other than my bro who is not a big fan of sweets, bas habibi i gotta hand it to u… u r missing on ALOT!

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Christmas Dinner (Part II)

Posted by dutchman on December 26, 2006

Ahhh Christmas Dinner!!!!!!!

The family was all gathered… The food was great, the wine excellent, the Chimney was out of this world…
OK Enough of that already…

As you know by now, I prepared a Christmas dinner that ended up by being a great success…


The food was excellent and we had a good time.
Although I didn’t have a Butterball :)  Sultan’s Turkey was very nice!
Kook!!! I expected you to join us… But who can blame you? You had a Butterball :)

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Exclusive: ONLY on RATLAB

Posted by Kook on December 25, 2006

As promised… please give a BIG applause to the ONE…and ONLY…the UNFROZEN… the ICELESS… the HOT… the FAMOUS… MR. TURKEY 2006! Exclusive… ONLY on RATLAB
Plz click to enlarge
i got to hand it to u… it was a great Christmas lunch, wish u were here ;) 7amdelah i was really full, i truly ate like my Chinese Zodiac… a PIG! Not only was BUTTERBALL a big hit, but everything was just perfect. But most importantly what made it perfect, was being around the ppl i love… my family :) and the lovely sms i got from my true friends. I LOVE U ALL :)
And a piece of advice, it doesnt matter where u r in the world as long as u r with the ppl u LOVE. ENJOY :)

P.S. Plz note that Mr. Turkey 2006 pics were photographed by Kook. All Rights Reserved, Property of RATLAB.

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Merry Christmas

Posted by Dan on December 25, 2006


what makes christmas nice in kuwait ?

nice place (marina hotel) with special program

super special ppl arround u (dont ask) :)

and 89 sms wishing u a merry christmas  (i’m still waiting to hit the 90 sms)


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Meet Mr. Turkey 2006

Posted by Kook on December 22, 2006

As like every year my mum cooks a turkey for Christmas. So my dad got the turkey today…and its my honor to present to u… the one…the only…give a loud applause for …Mr. Turkey 2006!
mr-turkey.jpg Plz click to enlarge
I did notice something funny though (god forgive me) but the name of the turkey is BUTTERBALL, suits a name for a pet like a cat or dog or something :) really, its like “here BUTTERBALL, come here boy, good BUTTERBALL, go get the ball BUTTERBALL :)”. Well i have to tell u something Mr. Turkey, im sorry to be the one to tell u this but try to enjoy your FROZEN time coz ur going to be GONE on Christmas :) yummy.. yummy

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Christmas Dinner

Posted by dutchman on December 21, 2006

Now this is my second Christmas in Kuwait.
This time of year all the family gathers for a Christmas Dinner, sitting around the Chimeny, having the best food ever with lots and lots of wine.

Last year was very disappointing since I spent it at Hard Rock Cafe.
In order not to be hit by a sever depression this year, I decided to invite some friends over for a Christmas dinner.
Below is the menu… Comments are appreciated.christmas-dinner.jpg

– Salmon Canapé
– Kibbeh 7arra (small fired kibbeh)
– Small Quiches (Still undecided about the filling)
– Mushroom Soup
– Salad Panache

Main Dish:
– Turkey (Arabic Style)

– Buche

Plus some roasted Chestnuts

All that will be missing is the Wine :( 

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!

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Thursday Mood: Baby Dont Go…

Posted by Kook on December 21, 2006

mood.jpgToday i wasnt in my usual Kook mood, and on top of that, BABA couldnt pick me up from work coz he was sicK. So i’m just posting to share with u this song i was playing throughout my half day @ work, yalli sar FULL day coz my ride was LATE BABA! So… HOPE U LIKE ;) Its by Close 2 u and the song is called BABA…oooppss… i mean Baby Dont Go, an 80’s classic. ENJOY ;)

Baby don’t go(Baby please don’t go)

In my dreams I know you’re always by my side
Everywhere I go you linger in my mind
I’ve been waiting so long for a special guy
Then you came to lift me up and make me fly

Baby don’t go I just want you here
Right by your side I won’t hide my tears
Baby don’t go, waited for so long
want you so,come on hold me strong

Got this feeling that I can’t resist you
From the moment I laid my eyes on you
Won’tyou tell me what you want to do
Cause my heart is getting lost inside of you(2X)

(Hold me in your arms and whisper in my ear)

Guess I’ve always known that you would say goodbye
Time and time again your love has made me cry
I’ve spent hours trying to get you on the phone
By the phone I bet you’re feeling so alone

Baby don’t go ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

(Hold me in your arms and whisper in my ear
Give me what I want, say the words I want to hear
Hold me in your arms like you never go away
I’m waiting for your touch, just begging you to stay

Got this feeling that I can’t resist you….

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Kook Kopperfield

Posted by Kook on December 21, 2006

Its been a week…and 4 days today and we have approached the weekend and still la hala2 no NETKA @ work! :( Trying to stay sober wasnt as easy as i thought! So as a normal netaholic would do…i had to do something that would pass the time… eno 3abee wa2te. So i decided to do MAGIC… yes ppl MAGIC. All i did was draw a pic of a Teddy Bear on paint and clicked PRINT and than… ABRA KADABRA KABOOOOOOOOM… the MOST cutest, SUPER sweetest, EXTRA adorable, cutelious (ooops sorry.. got carried away :)) Teddy Bear POPPED OUT! See for urselves :P
Still trying to pick a name though…ummmm probably would go for NETKA or something :)

P.S. Plz note that this is sober Kook talking… so its fashet kela2 ya jame3ah :) ya3ni like the song…”FESH khela2k, FESH NETKA ma FESH”

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Posted by rotgold on December 21, 2006

 Everybody is leaving … and I am staying here!

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Kuwait @ 7:30 in the Morning

Posted by perfect eLement on December 21, 2006



 Click to enlarge  Click to enlarge  Click to enlarge  Click to enlarge  Click to enlarge  Click to enlarge

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How Long Does It Take U?

Posted by Kook on December 20, 2006

Woke up this morning LATE! Cant be LATE today, my boss emdawam elyoum ba3ed his trip… fa i jumped out of bed like a Charles Angel and looked @ my clock… YA HABIBI! 5 minutes and the driver will be out horning and blabbering “Why u late BABA?”… “Mou zein sawee ta2kheer wajed enta BABA”. Well to avoid the BABA talk… i had to think fast and act fast… keeping in mind that what is motivating me is NOT to hear the BABA talk!… So i split my time:
1 minute: Brush teeth and wash up
1 minute: Choose sho badi elbess?
1 minute: Wear the clothes yalee na2eyton
1 minute: Comb hair, pinch cheeks and take the last glimpse of myself. Ok good to go….
Last minute: Get my bag, jacket and raced like FOREST GUMP to the car
Bas sho.. other than the famous matal that my parents always tell me…”Namee bakeer, fee2 bakeer, wa shofee el sohaa keef bet seer” i got alot of +ve feedback… eno ana asra3 wahde belbos :P So VOILA! it only takes 5 minutes…

P.S. i forgot to tell u… eno aslan i was already 5 minutes LATE coz my clock was 5 minutes LATE…. so i heard the BABA talk not the BABA character in Forest Gump, but the BABA himself for 5 BABA minutes! :)

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Advertising 1960

Posted by rotgold on December 20, 2006


It is interesting how advertising changed! I found the image on the website of the Arab Image Foundation, an organisation which aims to promote photography in the Middle East and to preserve the photographic heritage of this region. Maybe you might even find a photo of your great-grand-father ;-) http://www.fai.org.lb/

Above image, 1960-1969, Copyright Arab Image Foundation

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Indian Rain Dance

Posted by dutchman on December 20, 2006

rain-dance.jpgAfter Kook’s Just Couples post, we need something different… (No offense Kook)

The Native Indians ad a ritual, which they performed to help them go through those hard summer days.
The rain dance helped get the skies to rain in order to water the land.

Now did anyone know why the rain dance always worked? and I mean ALWAYS…

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Just Couples

Posted by Kook on December 19, 2006

Recently everywhere i go i see ppl coupled? Ya3ni a couple here, a couple there … ok so sho fee ya jama3eh?? What is going on here? Don’t ppl want to be single and enjoy life anymore? Well, i believe that ppl r just coupling up just to be coupled and to be seen as a couple… no feelings, no atrraction, just for the sake of it and to look good! Well for gods sake thats dull and HABBAL. I mean i have witnessed it, the banat just want to have a guy just to say they have a guy and to be seen with a guy, and vise versa for the shabab. I do admit its nice to be a couple bas only if u feel attraction, connection and i could go on forever ;). Bas just coz we r in q8 ya jama3eh that doesnt mean we should just couple up just to be coupled. This is really FREAKING me out! Are guys really approaching us for the right reasons? or just to be… and i say it again COUPLED! So which one will it be for you… Single and Lovin it? or Coupled and lovin it?

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