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Liz to Marry TODAY

Posted by Kook on March 3, 2007


41 year old british actress and model Elizabeth Hurley, will be tieing the knot today to Indian millionaire businessman, Arun Nayer wearing a fab Versace gown. The wedding is to be taking place at Sudeley Castle in Western England.

Dozens of celebrities are expected to attend of which include David Beckham, good friend Elton John and british actor Hugh Grant former ex-boyfriend of Liz for 13 years who will present her with an odd gift a monkey. The gift is apparently a reference to the nickname she used to give him when they were dating (bulls eye nickname coz he really is a monkey :)).

A second ceremony will also take place in Mumbai, and Udiapur for the traditional Indian wedding. Hurley will be wearing a $7,800 pink sari.

Curious to see the wedding pics and all the best for the couple :)


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Smoke KOOK

Posted by Kook on March 2, 2007

Dont mean to sound self-centered but while browsing i found this pic


If i was promoting this product thats what i’ll say:

To all u addicted smokers out there and to those who r not if u want to be KOOL “smoke KOOK”

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Where is Jessica?

Posted by Kook on February 28, 2007


Jessica Folker a singer of mixed cultures, her mother Swedish and her father from Senegal. I was at my first year of college when she released her first album and most of the stations played her songs on the clock. She is one of my fav. solo artists, i really like her style and unique voice and would always sing along to her songs. I just wonder thought… where is she now? her last album DINO was released in 2000, even her site says “fans are waiting for Jessica´s 3rd album” well thats a very long wait coz its 2007 now and still nothing :) so i guess i’d better pay a visit to virgin and buy her other albums until the 3rd is released. Anyways here r a couple of her songs i ranked in order of my fav. Enjoy :)

P.S. I came across something funny she had to change her surname from “Folcker” to “Folker” since she faced a problem where many Americans pronounced her surname close to “F**ker” (god i can just imagine what she went through :))

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AD of the YEAR

Posted by Kook on February 27, 2007


I really liked this ad by Durex… very smart :) Does anybody know which agency is behind this?

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Posted by Kook on February 25, 2007

Red Bull and Vodka? not anymore meet the new up-and-coming, “in” mixer at bars and clubs the “Stimulation and Pleasure Beverage”


Recently introduced in the US market, targeted for men and woman aged 18 and above. Fever is NOT an Energy Drink its a “Stimulation” and “Ultimate Pleasure” beverage. Fever is 100% natural and has a vanilla ginger flavor which combines 9 premium herbs and natural sweetners. Available in 2 kinds the “Regular” and “Low Calorie” (these are FEVER facts :))

Intended effects include a warming sensation, increased empathy, feelings of sexual and social stimulation, and heightened sensitivity. (This product sure isnt going to be in our market any time soon or ever :))

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Replacement Found

Posted by Kook on February 25, 2007


Case finally has been closed on 22 FEB 07 @ 11am q8 time with success, well success on my part but my replacement… just look for urselvescv.PNGJust as long as my judge is satisfied… so who cares i WON the case :) btw this isnt victim #1 coz that guy didnt even show up! But similar criteria :)

Well its the final count down since i still have the 2 whole days for the handover and than im outta there :)

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Party @ TSC

Posted by Kook on February 19, 2007

I was @ The Sultan Center Salmiya last nite and i gotta tell u, they r fully prepared for the National & Liberation Days!! :) They have thousands of party foam cans lined up, with flags and all kinds of gadgets. Check it out :)


P.S. This is just part of it there are more cans on the back side, front side and every side and btw if one can isnt enough for and u want to go wild then worry no more coz TSC have them priced per carton as well :)

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2007: Year of the PIG

Posted by Kook on February 18, 2007


It wasnt long ago that i discovered that my Chinese Astrology is a PIG :) Well since the Chinese Year starts on 18th FEB which is TODAY and 2007 happens to be the year of the PIG… i wish all u pigs best of luck and i truly hope it’s a good Chinese Year for us :)

Check out ur Chinese Astrology for 2007 @ [Link]

P.S. Sorry if i dont sound too enthusiastic, its just one of those days…

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Valentine’s Day in Seattle

Posted by Kook on February 16, 2007


i know Valentine’s Day is over, but check out this pic of a heart-shaped lighting pattern on the WaMu Center bldg in Seattle. (was displayed on 13/2/07, the eve of Valentine’s Day)

Its so beautiful how just a bit of lightening can make a big effect. Its very creative & cute … i like it :)

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My Replacement

Posted by Kook on February 15, 2007


Since i quit my job there must be a replacement and finding the right person to replace KooK is very tough. So today my manager assigned me to a top high profile case:

Case #: MR2007 – Kuwait

Case Title: Find “My Replacement”

Victim #1: Gender: Male, Age: 40, Marital Status: Married, Education & Experience: Exquisite!!

The Judge: My Manager

The Jury: All u readers out there :)

The Attorney: KOOK

The Mission:
1) To set court timings and dates.
2) Call victim to the stand.
3) Question the victim.

Case Deadline: In 2 weeks or until “My Replacement” is found.

I am really going to enjoy this, it sure is going to be one easy case to crack :). So its attorney Kook in the court house! My advise to u victims is “RUN FOR UR LIFE”

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My Very First Time…

Posted by Kook on February 15, 2007


This is a funny poem to start ur day coz guess what?! its THURSDAY so hope u like and it makes ur day and that u will read it all the way… so have a great day… Enjoy :)

    The sky was dark
    The moon was high
    All alone just she and I
    Her hair was soft
    Her eyes were blue
    I knew just what
    She wanted to do
    Her skin so soft
    Her legs so fine
    I ran my fingers
    Down her spine
    I didn’t know how
    But I tried my best
    I started by placing
    My hands on her breast
    I remember my fear
    My fast beating heart
    But slowly she spread
    Her legs apart
    And when I did it
    I felt no shame
    All at once
    The white stuff came
    At last it’s finished
    It’s all over now
    My first time ever
    At milking a cow

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It Must Have Been Love…

Posted by Kook on February 14, 2007


Just wanted to share one of my fav Roxette songs “It Must Have Been Love” soundtrack for the movie “Pretty Woman”.

P.S. I didnt post this coz its Valentines Day… it was just the song of the day for me. Enjoy :)

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Plan B: I QUIT

Posted by Kook on February 13, 2007


Shocking but true that was my “Plan B” to QUIT my job and i did… i submitted my resignation today. I had to wake up and smell the coffee and look to a place where i could grow. Well, my manager was suprised @ first and said,“it looks like u have ur mind made up” ….well damn right i do!! He than gave me “the company is growing, going forward speech” and wished me luck, but in general he was pretty cool about my decision.

I hate the feedback u get once u quit… “What!! Why?? Where to??” or when they say “Wish u the best of luck” but what they really mean to say is “Wish u regret the day that u left!!” Well in my case that will never happen coz i never regret anything i do… the past is the past… whats done is done and always look forward never look back.

So i guess i’m back to square one…

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Daddy’s Little Girl

Posted by Kook on February 12, 2007

Today was a beautiful sunny day (i knew that coz i left work early today which btw is a first, just had some stuff to take care of :)) Even though my manager wasnt too happy about me suddenly taking off… it still was a beautiful day :) Gosh getting out of the office once in a while just feels GREAT. And they say REDBULL gives u energy… try OWBULL (Off Work BULL) and see how energetic u’ll feel… trust me it LASTS longer!! :)

Well, on my way i stopped by my dad’s office (the last time i visited was when i was new in the country @ the interview stage … yes my dad’s office was like the mission target “Kook Must Find a Job” bus stop) So i was daddy’s little girl for the day :) it really felt like it, i remembered when i was a little girl and used to go to my dads office he would say “hey everyone this is my little girl” and they would all start doing the cheek pinching, kissing thing and spoil me with candy. Then on our way home my daddy would get more candy and a new dolly :)

Anyways enough of my blast from the past, check out these pics i took. Seems like my dad likes to collect different currencies :) (i pitched in the new 5000 Lebanese Lira)

dad5.jpg Plz click to enlarge

P.S. Just for the record my dad didnt spoil me with candy or get me a dolly, i’m not a little girly anymory :P instead he got me shawarma for lunch :)

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Posted by Kook on February 7, 2007

This is how i’m feeling right now….


P.S. this is real blood not ketchup

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from KOOK to dan

Posted by Kook on February 6, 2007

Definitely this is NOT a love letter, i repeat this is NOT A LOVE LETTER.

Oh god this trip to the phone bill really boosted ur ego Dan, didnt it?!?!? and whats up with sis? what r u a gangster now MAN?!?! U know what stricks me the most, eno betbahdelo bel wa7ad and at the end u say “no offense”. And LOVEZILLA!!! For god sakes give me a break bro!! Dont worry about me i’m living in the present and yes thats what i usually do ENJOY MY LIFE not sit and moune about it :P

A bit of advice from sis to bro:
1. ur not cupid.
2. For once in ur life read something emotional coz these love stories arent just for lovers! u could LEARN something from them.
3. Valentines only comes once a year so u should enjoy the moment! not make fun of it and post what u did?!?!
4. I’m asking u as a friend go find ur self a valentine and chill out bro!! Coz from the looks of it someone feels LONELY!!

Hiding ur tracks by trying to delete the post Dan?!?! and yes u got that one right bro “god is not going to help u out of this one” :P

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Too LATE DAN i saw it…

Posted by Kook on February 6, 2007

This is something Dan posted and deleted today morning:

Title: “from DAN to Kook”
Posted by Dan on February 5th, 2007 @ 11:32 PM

Unfortunately this is not a love letter

By the name of Zeus Can u tell me what all about!!! the red roses love stories …sweet Jesus u end up printing the stories out ,sip on a hot beverage and enjoy !!! Enjoy what sis!!? is that what u do usually ?

This is just a point of view I don’t have to be 100% right coz I’m not cupid …I’m asking u as a friend to live in PT … pt means (present time) Why? Coz this is a love free (zone and time) I don’t mean the website… With the approaching of Mr.Valentine u turned to LOVEZILLA

No offence girl I know that u’r not like that that’s why I post it this is the truth …so help me god :)

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Love Stories

Posted by Kook on February 5, 2007


Here’s a few LOVE stories i found just to put u into the LOVE mood. I got stuck with which ones to choose, so check them out they wouldnt take much of your time :)

I Love u Not
Loving an Imperfect Person
100 Days Game Love Story

Each story has a different moral behind it, so print it out, sip on a hot beverage and Enjoy :)

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Don’t u know PLUMP it UP, u got to PLUMP it UP

Posted by Kook on February 5, 2007


I was @ Debenhams in Sharq Mall last nite and saw something not weird or bad but DIFFERENT! located next to one of the cashiers… its “The Lip PLUMPER” yes ppl the “Revolutionary Lip Plumper” its in stores right now! This product is said to plump up your lips in just an hour!! my first thought was “GET OUT OF HERE!! MY God, wouldn’t we all wish everything to be plumped up that quickly and easily in just an HOUR!! WAW!!”

Its by “Simon Solution Paris” with Pamela Anderson on the cover (in my opinion Angelina Julie would have been more marketable in this case coz Pamela can be used for another kind of PLUMPING if u know what i mean :)). So if your looking to have fuller, luxious, plumped up, Angelina/Elissa looking lips… search no more… your wish can come true in only ONE HOUR for 9.500 KD.

P.S. Just for the record i personally haven’t tried this product so don’t take my word on this, i’m just stating their facts :)

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How 2 Say I LOVE U…

Posted by Kook on February 4, 2007


Why not sizzle the mood and whisper to your Valentine “I Love You” in a different language. Better get to it… you still have 10 days to go!

Check it out @ [Link] Enjoy :)

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