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Dubai Airport open again after plane drama

Posted by Rado on March 12, 2007


after kuwait airways emergency landing in 29 jan.in Dubai, now it’s the Bangladesh Air.

Dubai International Airport has been re-opened after an accident in which 27 people were injured on Monday morning. The airport was closed after Biman Bangladesh Air flight BG006, carrying 229 passengers and crew, skidded along the runway during take-off at around 6.30am.

It re-opened at around 2pm, with the first incoming flights landing approximately 20 minutes later.

Exact details of how the accident happened have yet to be released, but the aircraft – an Airbus A310 – lost a front wheel in the incident, leaving it sliding nose down along the tarmac.

Rescue crews were reportedly on the scene within one minute. ….links


5 Responses to “Dubai Airport open again after plane drama”

  1. Zed said

    i heard about this.. whats up with planes losing their front wheels….. something fishy is going on

  2. goody said

    whats going on this.i dont understand

  3. Aamir Hussain said

    That time i was there.

  4. yummy said

    ow my gush buti walang namatay ayw k ng sumakay ng airplane takot akich

  5. imran said

    I was in that plane,i was horrified.

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