“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!

HSBC investments

Posted by Rado on March 12, 2007


Here’s a new ads for HSB, The head line: A LITTLE EVERY MONTH GOES A LONG WAY.

Comparing to kwt investment ads it’s beautiful ad.


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Turkey lifts YouTube ban after 2 days

Posted by Rado on March 11, 2007


Turkey lifted its ban on YouTube Friday, an official for the country’s largest telecommunications firm said, two days after a court ordered the Web site blocked because of videos that allegedly insulted the founder of modern Turkey….(….)

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Heineken and Pepsi

Posted by Rado on March 7, 2007

nice, direct…, and creative in the same time.


This a really beautiful ad for Heineken it’s a good idea to use product it self and something related to Valentine in indirect way.


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Posted by Rado on March 7, 2007


Jackie Chan in tv ad for VISA 2008 olympic.


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lebanese man

Posted by Rado on March 6, 2007


my frd. send me funny email about a smart lebanese

A lebanese man walked into a bank in New York City one day and asked for the loan officer. He told the loan officer that he was going to Lebanon on business for two weeks and needed to borrow $5,000.

The bank officer told him that the bank would need some form of security for the loan.

The lebanese man handed over the keys to a new Ferrari parked on the street in front of the bank. He produced the title and everything checked out.

The loan officer agreed to accept the car as collateral for the loan. The bank’s president and its officers all enjoyed a good laugh at the Lebanese for using a $250,000 Ferrari as collateral against a $5,000 loan.

An employee of the bank then drove the Ferrari into the bank’s underground garage and parked it there.

Two weeks later, the Lebanese returned, repaid the $5,000 and the interest, which came to $15.41.



The loan officer said, “Sir, we are very happy to have had your business, and this transaction has worked out very nicely, but we are a little puzzled. While you were away, we checked you out and found that you are a multi millionaire. What puzzles us is, why would you bother to borrow “$5,000″The lebanese replied: “Where else in New York City can I park my car for two weeks for only $15.41 and expect it to be there when I return'”

They are smart every where :)

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DIET | 2

Posted by alpha mum on March 6, 2007


My second day, so far so good. I did not cheat, did not eat anything extra,

and its lunchtime now. I AM STARVING. Today’s menu is as follows:

Skimmed Milk, Manakish Zaatar + Labneh + mint

Shrimps with rice
Strawberry with green Salad

Chocolate cornflakes

Chicken Nuggets ( little bird flu)
Assorted Salad

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My diet: first day

Posted by alpha mum on March 5, 2007


I started myself on those diet centers thing today, I got my lunchbox. Looks good. I hope it tastes as good as it looks.. Hehe. And most important is that I do loose the weight. I have been trying forever to go back to my weight before I got married.. Yes not only am I trying to lose the weight I gained through my pregnancy I am trying to go back to how I looked and felt before I got married. As my attempts at regulating my food and diet on my own failed miserably, I decided to join a diet center. Every day they will send me a basket that has my whole food for the day. After not so well research I found it to be the most suitable way to diet with my lifestyle. I barely have time to cook, and I end up having convenient fatty food. I will let you know how my diet is going, and of its development as I go through it. Wish me luck. Here is today’s menu:

thyme croissant ,0% fat strawberry yogurt and strawberries

veal escalope with wedges + chef salad

biscuit cake

rice stuffed pastry + yogurt with cucumber

Update: the biscuit cake to die for..yummy!!!!

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2009 Formula1 abou dhabi

Posted by Rado on March 4, 2007


new Circuit in abou dhabi, nb. 2 in gulf after bahrain. and they have countdown from the sec. u open the website to the opening in 2009, nice website

Details for the Circuit :

No. of laps: 56 (estimated)

Circuit Length: 309 km (estimated)

Lap Time: 1min 38sec (estimated)

No. of corners: 20

Top Speed: 320 km/h (estimated)

Average Speed:200 km/h (estimated)


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Liz to Marry TODAY

Posted by Kook on March 3, 2007


41 year old british actress and model Elizabeth Hurley, will be tieing the knot today to Indian millionaire businessman, Arun Nayer wearing a fab Versace gown. The wedding is to be taking place at Sudeley Castle in Western England.

Dozens of celebrities are expected to attend of which include David Beckham, good friend Elton John and british actor Hugh Grant former ex-boyfriend of Liz for 13 years who will present her with an odd gift a monkey. The gift is apparently a reference to the nickname she used to give him when they were dating (bulls eye nickname coz he really is a monkey :)).

A second ceremony will also take place in Mumbai, and Udiapur for the traditional Indian wedding. Hurley will be wearing a $7,800 pink sari.

Curious to see the wedding pics and all the best for the couple :)

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Smoke KOOK

Posted by Kook on March 2, 2007

Dont mean to sound self-centered but while browsing i found this pic


If i was promoting this product thats what i’ll say:

To all u addicted smokers out there and to those who r not if u want to be KOOL “smoke KOOK”

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Posted by Rado on March 1, 2007

I receive in strange email about a Prob. in mangaf.

The following message was sent earlier this week by the British Embassy in Kuwait to all British nationals


British Embassy Warden Message 02/07


The British Embassy received a report last week of an individual of Arab appearance and dress, posing as a policeman in the Mangaf area. The bogus policeman carried out a serious sexual assault on a woman.

Dressed in plain clothes, the ‘police officer’ stopped the woman who was walking in a busy, populated area, and demanded to see her I.D. He confiscated it and ordered her to get into his vehicle to go to the police station with him. He then drove her to a desert camp where he raped her.

This attack was not on a British national. However, given that it took place in broad daylight, in an area where a large number of the British community live, the Embassy wishes to warn its nationals to be careful and asks women in particular to consider the following advice:

• Avoid walking alone if possible. If you have to, tell someone when you are leaving and what time you are expected to arrive/return.
• Carry a mobile phone in your hand (not at the bottom of your bag).
• If approached by someone claiming to be a police officer, ask to see their I.D.
• Do NOT get into any vehicle that is not clearly a police car. Say you will make your own way to the nearest police station and meet the ‘officer’ there. (Ask for their name)
• If you feel threatened or the ‘policeman’ tries to force you into his vehicle, make as much noise as possible/ attract the attention of passers-by.
• Call a friend, spouse, or colleague immediately and tell them where you are and what is happening. Ask them to come and collect you.
• Call 777 and report what is happening. Visibly note down the vehicle registration number.
• Ensure your mobile phone is pre-programmed with useful numbers, including those of the people you would call in an emergency, your local police station, and the British Embassy (Switchboard: 2403335; Out of Hours Duty Officer: 9012236)
• If you are in a vehicle and are stopped by someone claiming to be the police, do not leave your vehicle. Say you will drive to the nearest police station yourself. Then call a friend/spouse/colleague and ask them to meet you there asap.
• Report any unpleasant / suspicious incidents to the British Embassy (Duty Officer or Consular Section)

Kuwait is for the most part a safe place to live. But incidents such as this are a reminder that, wherever we are, we should remain vigilant and aware of our personal safety.

Consular Section

» » »

Arab Times ُ they publish the British Embassy message as well.

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Where is Jessica?

Posted by Kook on February 28, 2007


Jessica Folker a singer of mixed cultures, her mother Swedish and her father from Senegal. I was at my first year of college when she released her first album and most of the stations played her songs on the clock. She is one of my fav. solo artists, i really like her style and unique voice and would always sing along to her songs. I just wonder thought… where is she now? her last album DINO was released in 2000, even her site says “fans are waiting for Jessica´s 3rd album” well thats a very long wait coz its 2007 now and still nothing :) so i guess i’d better pay a visit to virgin and buy her other albums until the 3rd is released. Anyways here r a couple of her songs i ranked in order of my fav. Enjoy :)

P.S. I came across something funny she had to change her surname from “Folcker” to “Folker” since she faced a problem where many Americans pronounced her surname close to “F**ker” (god i can just imagine what she went through :))

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Back from Dubai

Posted by Rado on February 28, 2007

… Am not lucky at all coz it’s the second time I miss Tiesto DJ, last summer in Berlin and now in Dubai, I was in Dubai airport at 11.30 pm (22 Feb.) and The Show finish at 2 , so it was ok for me to for the last hour, but for the Visa things I wait till 1.30AM ( it’s really not fair araba ppl need a visa and USA and European… no VISA in Dubai and it’s upset me more when they ask u to pay 105DHS for the visa) and u cant believe Dubai airport how it’s look Thu night…
Any way I did really enjoy…. this my pic’s in (Burj al arab – Boudaha bar – Safari trip – Dubaiski – Dubai museum… and desert party it was so funny, i have a pic for japanse man in deshdasha…



boudha-bar.jpg ski.jpg



Click To enlarge

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AD of the YEAR

Posted by Kook on February 27, 2007


I really liked this ad by Durex… very smart :) Does anybody know which agency is behind this?

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Posted by Kook on February 25, 2007

Red Bull and Vodka? not anymore meet the new up-and-coming, “in” mixer at bars and clubs the “Stimulation and Pleasure Beverage”


Recently introduced in the US market, targeted for men and woman aged 18 and above. Fever is NOT an Energy Drink its a “Stimulation” and “Ultimate Pleasure” beverage. Fever is 100% natural and has a vanilla ginger flavor which combines 9 premium herbs and natural sweetners. Available in 2 kinds the “Regular” and “Low Calorie” (these are FEVER facts :))

Intended effects include a warming sensation, increased empathy, feelings of sexual and social stimulation, and heightened sensitivity. (This product sure isnt going to be in our market any time soon or ever :))

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Replacement Found

Posted by Kook on February 25, 2007


Case finally has been closed on 22 FEB 07 @ 11am q8 time with success, well success on my part but my replacement… just look for urselvescv.PNGJust as long as my judge is satisfied… so who cares i WON the case :) btw this isnt victim #1 coz that guy didnt even show up! But similar criteria :)

Well its the final count down since i still have the 2 whole days for the handover and than im outta there :)

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Prince Waleed’s Car

Posted by Jen on February 22, 2007

    $1000 for only touching it!!
    The price: $4.8 MILLION!!!


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They Found Her…

Posted by Jen on February 22, 2007




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Flag flying

Posted by Rado on February 22, 2007

about 10 window broke in a tower at Sharq after the flag start flying… And the fireman’s close the street and fix it… funny show befor travling


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To Dubai

Posted by Rado on February 22, 2007


first time flying with jazeera, going to dubai (today night) ../ I am looking forward to this trip and I have full plan : Tiësto – Ski – 4*4 trip – Burji al arab (only Tea Time :) ) – water park – Buddha bar …and more

any way … HAPPY 25/26 DAY!! :)

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