“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!

Smoke KOOK

Posted by Kook on March 2, 2007

Dont mean to sound self-centered but while browsing i found this pic


If i was promoting this product thats what i’ll say:

To all u addicted smokers out there and to those who r not if u want to be KOOL “smoke KOOK”


4 Responses to “Smoke KOOK”

  1. eshda3wa said

    i dont smoke, but ide smoke these!

  2. Kook said

    i dont smoke too Eshda3wa… but “Smoke KOOK” i wouldnt mind :)

  3. dutchman said

    Now seriously… How long did you search for that before finding it?
    How much free time do you have these days exactly!!?!?

  4. Kook said

    Actually Dutchman its quick and easy, it only took me a sec :) just type “Kook” in “Google Images” and there u have it! its even in the FIRST page… simple right?

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