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Posted by Rado on March 1, 2007

I receive in strange email about a Prob. in mangaf.

The following message was sent earlier this week by the British Embassy in Kuwait to all British nationals


British Embassy Warden Message 02/07


The British Embassy received a report last week of an individual of Arab appearance and dress, posing as a policeman in the Mangaf area. The bogus policeman carried out a serious sexual assault on a woman.

Dressed in plain clothes, the ‘police officer’ stopped the woman who was walking in a busy, populated area, and demanded to see her I.D. He confiscated it and ordered her to get into his vehicle to go to the police station with him. He then drove her to a desert camp where he raped her.

This attack was not on a British national. However, given that it took place in broad daylight, in an area where a large number of the British community live, the Embassy wishes to warn its nationals to be careful and asks women in particular to consider the following advice:

• Avoid walking alone if possible. If you have to, tell someone when you are leaving and what time you are expected to arrive/return.
• Carry a mobile phone in your hand (not at the bottom of your bag).
• If approached by someone claiming to be a police officer, ask to see their I.D.
• Do NOT get into any vehicle that is not clearly a police car. Say you will make your own way to the nearest police station and meet the ‘officer’ there. (Ask for their name)
• If you feel threatened or the ‘policeman’ tries to force you into his vehicle, make as much noise as possible/ attract the attention of passers-by.
• Call a friend, spouse, or colleague immediately and tell them where you are and what is happening. Ask them to come and collect you.
• Call 777 and report what is happening. Visibly note down the vehicle registration number.
• Ensure your mobile phone is pre-programmed with useful numbers, including those of the people you would call in an emergency, your local police station, and the British Embassy (Switchboard: 2403335; Out of Hours Duty Officer: 9012236)
• If you are in a vehicle and are stopped by someone claiming to be the police, do not leave your vehicle. Say you will drive to the nearest police station yourself. Then call a friend/spouse/colleague and ask them to meet you there asap.
• Report any unpleasant / suspicious incidents to the British Embassy (Duty Officer or Consular Section)

Kuwait is for the most part a safe place to live. But incidents such as this are a reminder that, wherever we are, we should remain vigilant and aware of our personal safety.

Consular Section

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Arab Times ُ they publish the British Embassy message as well.


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