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Where is Jessica?

Posted by Kook on February 28, 2007


Jessica Folker a singer of mixed cultures, her mother Swedish and her father from Senegal. I was at my first year of college when she released her first album and most of the stations played her songs on the clock. She is one of my fav. solo artists, i really like her style and unique voice and would always sing along to her songs. I just wonder thought… where is she now? her last album DINO was released in 2000, even her site says “fans are waiting for Jessica´s 3rd album” well thats a very long wait coz its 2007 now and still nothing :) so i guess i’d better pay a visit to virgin and buy her other albums until the 3rd is released. Anyways here r a couple of her songs i ranked in order of my fav. Enjoy :)

P.S. I came across something funny she had to change her surname from “Folcker” to “Folker” since she faced a problem where many Americans pronounced her surname close to “F**ker” (god i can just imagine what she went through :))


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