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Back from Dubai

Posted by Rado on February 28, 2007

… Am not lucky at all coz it’s the second time I miss Tiesto DJ, last summer in Berlin and now in Dubai, I was in Dubai airport at 11.30 pm (22 Feb.) and The Show finish at 2 , so it was ok for me to for the last hour, but for the Visa things I wait till 1.30AM ( it’s really not fair araba ppl need a visa and USA and European… no VISA in Dubai and it’s upset me more when they ask u to pay 105DHS for the visa) and u cant believe Dubai airport how it’s look Thu night…
Any way I did really enjoy…. this my pic’s in (Burj al arab – Boudaha bar – Safari trip – Dubaiski – Dubai museum… and desert party it was so funny, i have a pic for japanse man in deshdasha…



boudha-bar.jpg ski.jpg



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2 Responses to “Back from Dubai”

  1. Kook said

    Better luck next time Rado :) interesting pics btw looks like u had a blast!

  2. dutchman said

    Looks like you had a gr8 time there Rado!
    For me it was a bit more relaxed than that! But hey you gotta enjoy the nightlife…

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