“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!

Prince Waleed’s Car

Posted by Jen on February 22, 2007

    $1000 for only touching it!!
    The price: $4.8 MILLION!!!



7 Responses to “Prince Waleed’s Car”

  1. Zed said

    i dont get it… whats so special about it??

  2. holla said

    who the fuck is prince waleed? is he a rapper like FRESH PRINZE WAAA LEEDZ

  3. perfect element said

    good one holla looooool

  4. Jen said

    Zed the car is coated with DIAMONDS thats why its special :)

    lol holla

  5. juhaa said

    as a muslim i will call this waste of money and show off..why don’t u help the poor instead of fancy toys like this waleeed..

  6. Golvkn said

    Hi! nice site!

  7. mohammad hasan said

    mashallah 4.8 million dollars yalla ya waleed for the sake of god give it to the poor

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