“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!

Flag flying

Posted by Rado on February 22, 2007

about 10 window broke in a tower at Sharq after the flag start flying… And the fireman’s close the street and fix it… funny show befor travling



4 Responses to “Flag flying”

  1. […] Rado at RatLab posted an interesting post about a large flag on the side of one of the buildings in the city that went crazy. Seems the flag got loose somehow and because it was windy it started slamming into the glass building breaking and smashing windows. The firemen ended up coming and closing down the street until they could bring the flag down. Pictures of the incident are available on RatLab. [Link] Filed under: Kuwait, Information Posted by Mark on 02.22.07 | Related Entries […]

  2. nice photo catch Rado..

  3. […] rado watched something crazy while walking around.. about 10 windows broken in a tower at Sharq after the flag start flying… […]

  4. I was at work when a huge Betty Boop float from a parade got loose and travelled across both DC and Northern Virginia. All I remember were colleagues lining up along our office window with their mouths open saying, “Holy sh*&, it’s Betty Boop!” as she floated over the parking lot with a maliscious smile on her face.

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