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2007: Year of the PIG

Posted by Kook on February 18, 2007


It wasnt long ago that i discovered that my Chinese Astrology is a PIG :) Well since the Chinese Year starts on 18th FEB which is TODAY and 2007 happens to be the year of the PIG… i wish all u pigs best of luck and i truly hope it’s a good Chinese Year for us :)

Check out ur Chinese Astrology for 2007 @ [Link]

P.S. Sorry if i dont sound too enthusiastic, its just one of those days…


7 Responses to “2007: Year of the PIG”

  1. Zed said

    I’m a Horse.. neighh

  2. Kook said

    My god!!! r u all horses here :) why neighh Zed?? Being a pig is good… PIGS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. dutchman said

    Well year of the Pig or not, ONE thing’s for sure…
    HORSES RULE!!!!!!

  4. Zed said

    KOOK: horses neigh..
    just like:

    a duck quacks
    a pink oinks
    a dog barks
    a cat meows
    a cow moos
    a sheep baa
    a bird chirps
    a lion roars
    a chicken clucks
    a snake hisses
    a wolf howls
    a monkey chatters

    Horses Neigh hehe thats just the sound they make

  5. Kook said

    oooppps sorry Zed… i thought u meant nia2 :)

  6. Zed said

    haha, i’m in a silly mood and i felt like listing all the noises that animals make

  7. Kook said

    Well Zed from ur list.. @ that day i was in a WOLF mood but not howling :)

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