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My Replacement

Posted by Kook on February 15, 2007


Since i quit my job there must be a replacement and finding the right person to replace KooK is very tough. So today my manager assigned me to a top high profile case:

Case #: MR2007 – Kuwait

Case Title: Find “My Replacement”

Victim #1: Gender: Male, Age: 40, Marital Status: Married, Education & Experience: Exquisite!!

The Judge: My Manager

The Jury: All u readers out there :)

The Attorney: KOOK

The Mission:
1) To set court timings and dates.
2) Call victim to the stand.
3) Question the victim.

Case Deadline: In 2 weeks or until “My Replacement” is found.

I am really going to enjoy this, it sure is going to be one easy case to crack :). So its attorney Kook in the court house! My advise to u victims is “RUN FOR UR LIFE”


One Response to “My Replacement”

  1. […] Case finally has been closed on 22 FEB 07 @ 11am q8 time with success, well success on my part but my replacement himself sorry to say just look for urselves Just as long as my judge is satisfied… so who cares i WON the case :) btw this isnt victim #1 coz that guy didnt even show up! But similar criteria :) […]

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