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It Must Have Been Love…

Posted by Kook on February 14, 2007


Just wanted to share one of my fav Roxette songs “It Must Have Been Love” soundtrack for the movie “Pretty Woman”.

P.S. I didnt post this coz its Valentines Day… it was just the song of the day for me. Enjoy :)


6 Responses to “It Must Have Been Love…”

  1. Zed said

    must’ve been love,,, but it’s over now…..

    My song of the day was/is Wham – Club Tropicana

  2. Kook said

    wham great band… very good taste Zed :) Check our their song “everything She wants” u will definitly enjoy this one.. great beat to it :)

  3. dutchman said

    Well my fav song for the week was “Holiday in Spain” by “Counting Crows”.

  4. Fonzy said

    great movie. julia is the hottest

  5. Jen said

    Kook! i love this song, oldies are the best :o)

  6. joud said

    i remember i was in leb when this movie hit the theaters, my teenage cousins took me to see it… i loved and still do :)

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