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From your valentine…

Posted by alpha mum on February 14, 2007


My hubby as every year gave me the ” I tell you I Love you every day, I don’t need a day to show you that I love you” crap. Valentine is a hallmark occasion that he does not believe in valentine. Personally, I thought after having the same argument last year, he would have changed his mind, if not changed his mind, just got it through his thick head that I DO CARE ABOUT VALENTNES, and he should care enough to do something this year. Why do I care so much? I don’t really know.. Maybe because as a little girl at school only special girls got a flower or a card or even a stuffed animal, and it became a self esteem issue to be noticed on valentine, that you are somebody’s valentine.. Maybe growing up in a house where my parents celebrated valentine each year.. i really have no clue. Since he is being thick headed; i did something instead. I reserved for dinner, and sent him roses.. At least I will end up with the roses once he brings them home.. Smart huh…

Update:  my colleague just got flowers from her fiancé all the way in New York… I want.


2 Responses to “From your valentine…”

  1. Rado said

    under Uncategorized!!!!?.

  2. joud said

    genius !

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