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Plan B: I QUIT

Posted by Kook on February 13, 2007


Shocking but true that was my “Plan B” to QUIT my job and i did… i submitted my resignation today. I had to wake up and smell the coffee and look to a place where i could grow. Well, my manager was suprised @ first and said,“it looks like u have ur mind made up” ….well damn right i do!! He than gave me “the company is growing, going forward speech” and wished me luck, but in general he was pretty cool about my decision.

I hate the feedback u get once u quit… “What!! Why?? Where to??” or when they say “Wish u the best of luck” but what they really mean to say is “Wish u regret the day that u left!!” Well in my case that will never happen coz i never regret anything i do… the past is the past… whats done is done and always look forward never look back.

So i guess i’m back to square one…


12 Responses to “Plan B: I QUIT”

  1. dutchman said

    Well KOOKinator, I do wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavours.
    Don’t dwell too much on your decision… what’s done is done! The future’s bright. Take a couple of days off just to relax and start fresh!
    And if there’s anything that WE can do to help, don’t hesitate to ask! You know Dutchman is always there for Kookinator!

    But… what’s next?

  2. Zed said

    wish you the best of luck… (said sincerely).. its good to get out of the routine

  3. holla said

    Will they let you keep the company chair?

  4. Rado said

    all The best for KooK

  5. Kook said

    Thx Dutchman :)… Just wish i could take a couple of days to freshen up and relax BUT my manager insisted for 2 weeks notice (even though i could leave but out of politness i stayed)
    Whats next… well i have 2 weeks to hunt down the job i want… so fingers crossed :)

    Thx Rado & Zed i will be needing all the luck i could get :)

    Holla lol… even if they gave me the chair i wouldnt want it coz there will be a better chair waiting for me :)

  6. dutchman said

    What exactly is the job you want!?!?!?

  7. Kook said

    Dutchman plz email me the details

  8. joud said

    yalla best of luck.. and dont let the “stress of being jobless” rush u into anything. bel 3aks, enjoy the bit of time off u will get

  9. dutchman said

    Kook! What do you want me to email you? You have to tell me what you’re looking for and/or email me your CV!

  10. Kook said

    Thx Joud and i’ll certainly take ur advice… very well put btw :)

    Ok Dutchman :)

  11. Fonzy said

    sorry to hear that but if u think its slowing u down, then u did the right thing. and ur not back to square one, u got experience, u r building ur CV which is ur strongest asset. Think bout it this way, if u stayed u would end up being like that “colleague” of urs ;) Good luck

  12. Kook said

    lol Fonzy… no way will i end up like my colleague :P but u’re right good i saved myself before its too late :)

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