“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!

before and after

Posted by Rado on February 8, 2007



(Click to enlarge)

…. 2 ads for Gulf Bank from 2 differnt time period,

the old ad or the latest look better?




21 Responses to “before and after”

  1. dutchman said

    No offense to Impact BBDO but I never liked their Dana Ads.

  2. Zed said

    honeslty bith ads are uncreative.. but the new one says 1 Million KD… thats enough to get my attention

  3. dutchman said

    Is it? Do you really think so? Knowing that you’re not even their target!

  4. rado said

    my msg. is the old one look too much better, and still it’s from really long time ago.

  5. Fonzy said

    although the newer one has colors and better font, but the idea used to send the message in the second one is more creative.

  6. Tutmosis said

    Hey guys. I think its a bit more “in your face”. I like the One Million Kd for one winner as “Zed” put it. All in all I do agree its a little uncreative, but what do you guys they could have done better? I have an account with GB and this ad caught my eyes a week ago. Dont know if it will deliver though.. any thoughts?

  7. Zizo said

    Tutmosis, It seems u are new around here… I’m sure they could have done better!!! this is bull shit! Don’t you think Al Danah, Al Jawhara, al 7asad al rabe7 are all the same? have you done any analysis on which account has better options before choosing GB? BKME says KD 3,000,000?!?!

  8. Tutmosis said

    Zizo, with all due respect I did as much research as I can. So far I figured that Al Danah gives you the best chance counting scheme because they calculate your balance throughout the whole yea as opposed to only monthly with Jawhara, hasad and najma as well. Therefore your chances get a bit better for your buck. Secondly regarding BKME, they distribute their money to their sister banks as well, i.e that prize is calculated on the roster of BKME and two other banks, one in Qatar and one in Bahrain, so all in all your chances are minimised since you’re competing with 2 other COUNTRIES.

    Finally, and sorry for making this long, if I am going to invest my chances anyways in a loterry type scheme, I would rather invest it in the bank that gives me more chances, and a chance for a better prize.. One Million KD :)

    I know we went off topic though since we were discussing the creative aspect of the ad, I just had to give in my 2 cents since I was accused of not doing my homework :))))

    Zizo, what would you do differently though?

  9. dutchman said

    Research or not… What I meant with the first comment that started all this that ALL Al Danah Ads are lacking creativity.
    They are stressing on “KD1 Million” which is good, but the rest isn’t as good.
    The previous ads were much worse! Having a Die cut on Number 6 on a unipole… USELESS!!
    All I know is, they can do much better.

  10. Tutmosis said

    I second that notion.

    The creative does suck. The die cuts could have been done much better. But all in all, its a step up from the previous creative design.. now THAT truely sucked. At least this time they added some color and the human element to it with that “model”.

    They still have a mountain to climb, as far as who does their artwork and comes up with the creative ideas, but I like the die cut iniative and the “human” touch

    And actually all banks in Kuwait need a revolution in creative design. They truely underestimate the public

  11. Zizo said

    Dutchman, since it seems you are either in the banking or in the advertising business, can you please tell us who is their target?

    Rado, where did you get this old ad from? can you please show us some more?

    Tutmosis, i give you 6/10 on your homework, you missed Bourgan!!!

    Fonzy, are you north american? if yes, can u show us a sample of the ads run there?

  12. Rado said

    i upload CBK Ad Zizo

  13. James said

    Guys, honestly speaking, this is the first time i enjoy reading comments on a post that makes sense and has a flavor.
    There’s another source for debate over Kuwaiti ads if ur interested that ratlab hosts: “ads2blog.com”, check it out..

  14. Tutmosis said

    Zizo, 6/10? Man, thats like highschool all over again :)

    I omitted Burqan cuz I dont think they qualify to begin with to compete in Kuwait, their services are poor and their ads are.. well.. poorer!

    Rado, I like those old Ads, where do you get them from?

    Dutchman, I saw a lot of dana ads during the last two days on the streets, but I really think, from a creative design point, that the big a$$ white border line, or whatever that is, really kills what little potential they had going to begin with. Again I give them 10 thumbs down for design, and maybe 5/10 for concept of the idea, but the execution is unimaginitive

    Sounds to be like we got a lot of people here working in the advertising field, what would each of you rate this new ad? I give it an overall 6/10 and the previous design 2/10

  15. Rado said

    email from Frd.

    for the rating: new 1.5/10
    old 6/10

  16. dutchman said

    Well Zizo if you should know… I’m in the advertising industry.
    As far as who their target is, it’s definitely not just Kuwaitis. That’s why I think those specific Ads (Al Danah) are not working for them.
    Expats need more from an ad, From Lebanese to Europeans, to Americans… they expect more from ads; even the locals are starting to appreciate the ads better than before; and an ad like that will definitely not attract them.
    As Tutmosis said, they have lots of potential but not quite there!
    I would really like to hear Cyrus (Perfect Element)’s point of view on all this… He knows why!
    As far as rating is concerned, I wouldn’t give it more than 4/10.

  17. keep me out of this Dutchman, u’ll ruin my career lol

  18. dutchman said

    Come on!!! I would really know what you think! Knowing yuor previous and current jobs :D
    I won’t tell :P

  19. leave me alone dude..:)) am already hvg problems with my posts on ads2blog.com so no need for more lol

  20. Kook said

    Rado this pic u uploaded reminds me of Maya Nasri for some reason :)

  21. Rado said

    maya in black and white :)

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