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from KOOK to dan

Posted by Kook on February 6, 2007

Definitely this is NOT a love letter, i repeat this is NOT A LOVE LETTER.

Oh god this trip to the phone bill really boosted ur ego Dan, didnt it?!?!? and whats up with sis? what r u a gangster now MAN?!?! U know what stricks me the most, eno betbahdelo bel wa7ad and at the end u say “no offense”. And LOVEZILLA!!! For god sakes give me a break bro!! Dont worry about me i’m living in the present and yes thats what i usually do ENJOY MY LIFE not sit and moune about it :P

A bit of advice from sis to bro:
1. ur not cupid.
2. For once in ur life read something emotional coz these love stories arent just for lovers! u could LEARN something from them.
3. Valentines only comes once a year so u should enjoy the moment! not make fun of it and post what u did?!?!
4. I’m asking u as a friend go find ur self a valentine and chill out bro!! Coz from the looks of it someone feels LONELY!!

Hiding ur tracks by trying to delete the post Dan?!?! and yes u got that one right bro “god is not going to help u out of this one” :P


10 Responses to “from KOOK to dan”

  1. dutchman said

    Grrrrrrr… Easy woman… Put your claws back in!!!
    You know you’re my Kookinator and I’ll always back you up but the truth needs to be told!
    1. You have no right to be furious at Dan because the little white angel on his right shoulder won the battle (over the red devil on his left shoulder) and he deleted his post! You were never supposed to see it.
    2. Second, Give the guy a break. Being Loveless in this God Forsaken country isn’t as easy as you make it to be. And it’s not easy for him to find a valentine; unless you’re willing to help him find one ;)
    3. Maybe reading those stories doesn’t help him except at remembering that he’s alone…
    4. I think you could’ve chosen some better stories than these.

    On a last note Kookinator, Kudos for trying to put us in a Valentine mood but try to tone it down, just a notch!

  2. Kook said

    Actually Dutchman i’m not furious at Dan and i always give him a break :). Besides i meant this post to be furious in a humorious way :) he shouldnt have deleted it, i wasnt offended everybody is entitled to their opinion

    Sorry but NO FREAKING WAY im not fixing anybody with anybody here, i’m not cupid :) to Dan and every loner out there… u will find ur valentine, if not this year maybe the next and “if its meant to be its meant to be”

    Khalas guys im going to tone down “romantic kook” a bit not just a notch but 2 notches ;)

  3. DAN said

    RE: from kook to DAN

    Yea I can see that u’r enjoying u’r life by living the others love stories
    That’s was very normal 20 years ago but not in this time
    What I was trying to say to u live u’r own love story …
    I’m not cupid!!! Yes I know that part. I told u about it but
    guess what sis @ least I’m real cupid is not
    I don’t feel lonely… so far I count almost a dozen of what u called
    Valentine and all are pending for approval … the problem they all have the lovezillas strong symptoms …i just hope that u wont end up this valentine reading a story and sip on a hot beverage :P

  4. DAN said

    Definitely u’r not cupid for me … btw cupid the god of love and he’s a male but u still can choose from the list bellow

  5. dutchman said

    Good Save Dan! :P

  6. holla said

    you guys need to stop with the sick incest love thing. first Dan posts a love letter to his sister kook and now kook is answering her brother. eeeeewww

    Please ppl i know this is Kuwait and it’s normal here, but come on this is on the internet, the whole world will know. keep your perverted sexual preferences in private please. thank you.

  7. DAN said

    please can u read b4 u comment.thank you

  8. Kook said

    OMG this is like soooo funny and hilarious i’m really enjoying this misinterpretation :))))))))))))))

  9. holla said

    I am glad you guys made up :) always make love not war

  10. dutchman said

    What just happened here!!??! Come on… Is Holla for Real?

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