“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!

A Byzantine Quarrel

Posted by alpha mum on February 6, 2007


I realized today,I have the worst habit ever. I should seriously start to choose my battles. Discussing and Debating topics with uneducated / know it all kind of people is a waste of time and energy. Plus I end up feeling frustrated at how stubborn and limited people really are.
I think I keep forgetting that I am no longer surrounded by well-read individuals that can counter back arguments with valid and reasonable comebacks, that would make me think, analyze and grow personally as well as mentally. I am upset… I truly am.
I guess nothing is like Main Gate, or the steps of College Hall.


3 Responses to “A Byzantine Quarrel”

  1. rotgold said

    Hi alphamom .. how is ur new job going? ;-)

  2. Kook said

    Welcome to the club alpha mum i suffer from that like everyday where im at!! My advice is try to have discussions with others through social outings and dont get upset its really not worth it :)

  3. TanGo said

    the good-old days, wish i had a pic with the stairs [in summer]

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