“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!

Posted by Dan on February 5, 2007



3 Responses to “”

  1. Kook said

    This is the remaining of whats supposed to be the post “from DAN to kook” I rest my case :)

  2. DAN said

    kook !!! The whole thing was designed to be that way :) i mean think about it this way u saw it b4 i deleted it that is true :)but u didn’t comment till i erased it :)

  3. Kook said

    Dan !! why r u making an issue out of this :) besides if u really wanted ME and only ME to see it… u could have sent it through my email and not use the blog!!

    P.S. i know it was designed that way coz i know what u r capable of Dan

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