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Don’t u know PLUMP it UP, u got to PLUMP it UP

Posted by Kook on February 5, 2007


I was @ Debenhams in Sharq Mall last nite and saw something not weird or bad but DIFFERENT! located next to one of the cashiers… its “The Lip PLUMPER” yes ppl the “Revolutionary Lip Plumper” its in stores right now! This product is said to plump up your lips in just an hour!! my first thought was “GET OUT OF HERE!! MY God, wouldn’t we all wish everything to be plumped up that quickly and easily in just an HOUR!! WAW!!”

Its by “Simon Solution Paris” with Pamela Anderson on the cover (in my opinion Angelina Julie would have been more marketable in this case coz Pamela can be used for another kind of PLUMPING if u know what i mean :)). So if your looking to have fuller, luxious, plumped up, Angelina/Elissa looking lips… search no more… your wish can come true in only ONE HOUR for 9.500 KD.

P.S. Just for the record i personally haven’t tried this product so don’t take my word on this, i’m just stating their facts :)


4 Responses to “Don’t u know PLUMP it UP, u got to PLUMP it UP”

  1. joud said

    i’m kinda skeptical.. u have to have surgery to have elissa’s lips (which look askew in my opinion), and u have to have the right genes to have angelina’s

    sorry for being such a killjoy :)

  2. Kook said

    very true Joud :) Angelina VS Elissa: there is nothing more beautiful and appealing than naturally plumped lips :)

  3. Fonzy said

    why do all that… u can do it at any tires garage with that air hose they got :P but seriously, that is a brilliant idea but it doesnt seem trustworthy at all

  4. Kook said

    lol nice one fonzy… yes u could plump up the upper and lower wheels ;)

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