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the red carpet

Posted by Rado on February 4, 2007

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it’s the red carpet or crap Carpet?

problem nb. 1:

6 months ago I phoned 121(wataniya call centre) to ask them about their internet connection service through bluetooth to computer(GPRS).
The conversation:
W: hello this… Who can I help u
Me: hello, I would like to inquire about the GPRS service.
W: the speed of the service is …..and it cost you by month kd14
Me: thank you, bye
About 3 months later, I found out I am paying kd14 every month without my knowledge of it ever being activated. So I called them again and I told them about my situation. They said they would check my voice recorded conversation. and they were still adamant that I had asked them to activate it. “ I asked him can you please tell me how many hours have been used in these three months”…..” he said that not one second had been used “…..
I cant believe that i would add a service and pay kd14 every month and not even use it for one second.
So I just forgot about it.

Now for my second problem:

I had AIRcard connection(usb) given to me two months ago from my friend, He was using it in his PC and it was working fine but after I tried in my MACbookpro it didn’t work.
I downloaded many programs but still it didn’t work. I called 121 and they said u have to go to IT Department in the main branch in the city. I waited there for a long time as it was busy. When I eventually spoke to the IT assistant he told me he would call the MAC assistant. The MAC assistant told me that he did not have the program at hand so he would call me later.
1 week and still there was no phone call. I took it upon myself to contact him again and he told me that he was still looking for the program. 2 months on I am still without an installer.



2 Responses to “the red carpet”

  1. joud said

    i’m sure he’s working very hard to look for that program

    dont let them get away with charging u for nothing

  2. Indeed it happened to me when i was back in Kuwait i managed to get my money back and 2 extra month for free to use that service (EDGE:AIRCARD)

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