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paying a stupid phone bill

Posted by Dan on February 4, 2007

I live in salmiya and i went to pay my land  phone bill for the 3rd time …Something there looks like I don’t know but its BIG i mean really big answered my question (why i cant pay ?)

the system is down !!!ya asla3 ya 7elou enta ya bou 3oyoun zarrrga wee 2esh 7alatek …Go to cAnNtaRal  hawally or to mishrif…yoba

i don’t get it i just don’t get it :( the system is down for over a month now …something must be done about it coz I’m not going to pay in  hawally …


12 Responses to “paying a stupid phone bill”

  1. Fonzy said

    i dont think u got a choice, otherwise they will cut ur phone line

  2. indeed …. didn’t something say something about paying the bill online somewhere a while back ….

  3. Dan said

    u think they will ?

  4. Dan said

    no he or she didn’t say anything about paying it online

  5. Jen said

    Dan! Just go to Hawally

  6. Dan said

    nooo !!!

  7. Kook said

    Why dont u want to go to hawally Dan? Khayef 3ala jamalak

  8. Dan said

    no i’m not…maybe i should ;)
    plus i dont time

  9. Fonzy said

    ofcourse they will..

  10. LoOLoO said

    hahah dear dan before going to hawally check if hawally system is working coz last week i went to pay it was not working also;)

  11. Dan said

    then what did u do ?

  12. Dan said

    u can pay now in salmiya if u want. u wont belive what was the problem !!!!
    they cant print …no ink that all

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