“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!

it wasn’t Mark

Posted by Dan on February 3, 2007


I thought its Mark  …I intend to tease him a bit, u know to race him…

& I gave him one gear advantage… then i smoked the poor guy.When he arrived …hehehe YA RABBEH YA RABBEH …oops wrong guy sorry :)


5 Responses to “it wasn’t Mark”

  1. dutchman said

    One Obvious question pops to my mind…
    Who’s Marck?

  2. Mark is our friend.. it’s a looooooooooonnnng story :)

  3. rado said

    he’s not fat like this guy. :)

  4. DAN said

    not that only …the bike is diffrent and faster :)

  5. Zed said

    you guys have to copyright/patent “YA RABBEH YA RABBEH” it’s gonna catch on ;)

    i can see the bumper stickers

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