“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!


Posted by Kook on February 1, 2007


While i was admiring my paper stake view on my desk, The NewY DUDE as in my manager asked me, “Do u want new wheels?” i was like in my head, “Ok Kook dont get over excited!! :) RELAX, CHILL, the raise speech is approaching!! God i was so suprised finally my CASH AWARD is here and on a Thursday!! Life just can’t get any better :) I’m going to be “The NewY BABE”. Well i had to snap out of my day dreaming and i innocently said “YES”. Than he called a guy and asked him “Plz put new wheels on the lady’s chair” My eyes about to pop OUT!!, my mouth just dropped WIDE OPEN!! Right hand on my CHEST!! Than my manager asks me, “Are u ok?” than i said, “Oh GOD, i’m speechless, its been weeks since i ordered those wheels, how did u know??? Thanks, i’m just soooo happy :))))))) there r no words to describe how i am feeling right now”

When my manager was seated @ his office all that was running through my head was “BURN BABY BURN” repeatively. NO MORE BEING NICE, no MORE BEING an ANGEL. Its time to unleash the beast… “Devil Kook” its KOOKinator the unstoppable time!! coz this time its not the piece of **** thats going DOWN its the MASSIVE DESTRUCTION II… yes ppl KOOKinator is back to DEMOLISH the NEWY, SHINY, FANCY CAR!!!



8 Responses to “The NewY DUDE II”

  1. dutchman said

    KOOKinator!!! We’re 100% here for you! Whatever you need, any kind of help, just name it!

  2. holla said

    jesus christ, your writing style is painful and hard to follow. So what happened? your manager gave you new rims or somthing, or you got a new lancer company car?

  3. dutchman said

    No Offense Holla, but after all the time KOOK took to write this, you still didn’t understand what she got!??!?! WOW!
    He changed the wheels of her CHAIR!

  4. Kook said

    Hey kiddo as in holla, this might be painful and hard for u but u desperately need to take english courses, i advise u to start with beginners level. Coz after reading ur comment it looks like u need it!!! BADLY!!!

  5. Kook, it’s done

  6. Kook said

    Whatever perfect element

    Thx Dutchman for ur support :)

  7. dutchman said


  8. holla said

    LOL so this whole mess of a story is about your boss installing baby training wheels on your chair?
    Don’t go too fast on that chair babe or you might be caught by the new gulf road speed camera. Are you even old enough to drive?

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