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Getting a F****ing driver’s license in Q8!!!!

Posted by dutchman on January 30, 2007

From all the things that annoy a person in Kuwait, this tops the cake!
I mean how hard could it be to get a Freakin’ driving license in this God Forsaken country?
Unless your “wasta” is incredibly good, you’ll have to take the test severall times…
I’ve been in Kuwait for almost 21 months now!
This is really one of the things that make me go

p.s.: HELP!!!! I need my license!


15 Responses to “Getting a F****ing driver’s license in Q8!!!!”

  1. Rado said

    if it’s really annoying … so dont drive :)

  2. dutchman said

    That’s the point Rado; I’m NOT driving!!!!!
    You have no idea how much that sucks, especially in Kuwait.

  3. Rado said

    man driving in kuwait… dont tell me about driving in q8, it’s more annoying…

  4. joud said

    come on guys driving here isnt that bad compared to lebanon, at least most people here acknowledge that traffic lights aren’t optional ;)

  5. dutchman said

    Well Joud!
    I WOULDN’T KNOW!!!! (the caps are out of frustration)
    I never drove in Q8! (maybe twice)

  6. Kook said

    Well, welcome to the club Dutchman i too never drove in Q8 (just @ our bldg parking) :)

    I just love driving no matter what country im in, coz driving is driving

  7. Rado said

    Kook u will never like driving in cairo :)

  8. dutchman said

    Rado, you’re right! driving in Cairo sucks…
    But hey; I’m not in Cairo! And I would like to be able to go to work and meetings in my own car and not in a freakin’ Taxi!
    I am paying a small fortune on Taxis. :(

  9. Rado said

    get a car and a personal driver :) good idea?

  10. dutchman said

    I can get the car…
    Will you pay for the personal driver?

  11. Rado said

    it’s not that much! (or taxi better?) :)

  12. Zorel said

    just let it go dude ,, breathe it out
    u need a Wasta to get that f* piece of paper and thats it .. this is how it goes around here
    or just keep on walking :)

  13. dutchman said

    Hala Zorel!
    It’s the wasta that’s not helping me! The ass hole didn’t go to the test with me!
    Keep walking? Like Johnny Walker? :D

  14. :(
    I tried to get my driving license for a year before i gave up on it ….. i developed a system with a taxi company … since i use them alot KD 1 everywhere =) it would help if you get transportation allowance from your company .. and btw how can you work in a job that requires a car and you don’t have a car, nag your company to get you the license.

  15. dutchman said

    Apparently you have no idea where I work!!!
    Sadly, they Don’t Care!
    Well just for your info, I sometimes pay around KD10 per day on taxis! It really sucks.

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