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HOT!! But Unavailable

Posted by Kook on January 28, 2007


Ladies this is the time when we think to ourselves “WHY??? WHY can’t i meet a handsome, smart and charming guy like Tarek Saab?” “Where is my Prince Charming??” Well u could dream on… but this guy AIN’T AVAILABLE… yes ladies i’m sorry to say that he is MARRIED… and HAPPILY… her name is Kathryn :) and he is only 28 years old! too good to be true huh? well, i’m not making this up :)

This guy has it all, though u never know coz no one is perfect and he did get fired on “Apprentice 5”, one of my fav shows by Donald Trump (Gosh, i wouldn’t mind working for Mr. Trump!) Apprentice 6 is now airing on NBC for all the watchers out there, visit www.nbc.com/The_Apprentice_6/ for more info.

Back to our hottie Tarek Ibrahim Saab, he has become a successful young businessman and a popular face in the media. He is currrently the CEO of Lionheart Apparel and is writing a book that is due out in Sept. 2007 “Gut Check: Confronting Love, Work and Manhood in Your Twenties”. And the final BIG SUPRISE as u may have noticed from his name that Tarek is a proud Lebanese national, his father is Lebanese and his mother is American :)

Tarek Saab is just one of many famous Lebanese who have lifted our country’s name worldwide. It truly puts a smile on my face to see such people be proud of who they r and represent us in a reputable way. Especially after observing the unstability and rough time Lebanon is currently going through. Our country needs us now more than ever so keep up the good work guys :) and keep in mind that “raje3 raje3 yet3amar raje3 Lubnan”


11 Responses to “HOT!! But Unavailable”

  1. mmmm… interesting. Fi bel Kuwait Tarek Aboujaoude, biemcheh el 7al? looooooool

  2. Rado said

    from which village he’s? :)

  3. Kook said

    Actually i couldnt get what village he is from, but to me he is from a sweet, hot, cute & a charismatic perfect place :)

  4. Jen said

    Kook, does he have a twin brother? :P

  5. Kook said

    Well Jen if he does i DEFINITELY wouldnt tell u or anybody :P

  6. ma atiabo – he looks like a good-looking orlando bloom

  7. exactly.. wou ana 2oul he looks like someone i know

  8. Jen said

    bas hayda a7la bkteeer, bikafe eno lebnani

  9. Rado said

    Tawlou belkon 3al al zalami ra7 yserlo chi men 3ynkon :)

  10. i only watched the first couple episodes of apprentice 5 … it was good i am sorry he didn’t win i am sure it is a plot against him or something…

    However apprentice 6 rocks it is one of the best seasons ever, my only complaint is that well … the time for the challenges is now like 1/25 of the show the other part is the board room they should give more time to the challenges and how they tackle them that’s what interested me int he show int he beginning.

  11. Kook said

    Yes it is a shame that he didnt win! He left in the 10th week :( good thing sean invited him @ the last episode :)

    Yes Apprentice 6 does ROCK!! :) i think someone from the kinetic team will win

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