“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!


Posted by Kook on January 27, 2007

While i was admiring the beautiful desert view from my office window, i saw a big brand new fancy car approaching the bldg. It was so NEWY, SHINY & FANCY that it blinded me! I was like “Who is the new dude with the new car? a new employee?” Well… the NEWY dude turned out to be my MANAGER! Yes… i was STUNNED myself. OK its either someone won the lottery here or someone got a raise. Well i’m pretty darn sure its the RAISE part! All i could say is how STINGY, i was promised a raise and still NOTHING, NULL, ZERO and than this… a NEWY CAR!!!

Well DUDE i want to be the BABE in a NEWY car too and if no… ur piece of **** is going into FLAMES!!! into ASHES… its going down!! I sure will be singing the song “Burn Baby Burn” by Disco Inferno and of course ENJOYING :)

P.S. This is Devil Kook… but not with a knife this time… but with something MASSIVE! Its time for a MASSIVE DESTRUCTION


9 Responses to “The NewY DUDE”

  1. Cyrus said

    Go for it man.. we’re right behind ya !!!

  2. Fonzy said

    whoever said the guy with the best car gets all the girls……. WAS RIGHT!! :p

  3. Kook said

    Come on Fonzy thats soooooo NOT TRUE

  4. Fonzy said

    he got ur attention, didnt he? :P

  5. Kook said

    Actually the CAR did not the dude in it :P

  6. dutchman said

    Well Kook, something did! and I Kinda agree with Fonzy!
    Besides you can askt Cyrus (or Perfect Element: Make up ur mind man) about the small research he did!

  7. Kook said

    All i could say eno… “mesh koul el asabe3 metel ba3dah”

    Plz guys dont get me started on what you MEN look for in a woman… coz its not her CAR thats for sure!

  8. dutchman said

    Yes that’s for sure! Who cares about her car?
    As long as she knows how to cook, we’ll be fine!
    Right Kook? ;)

  9. Kook said

    “The closest way to a man’s heart is his stomach”

    Yes Kook knows how to “kook” :)

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