“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!

Good its not below that!

Posted by Jen on January 27, 2007


The only man in the WORLD who has his heart in the stomach. LOL! :o)


6 Responses to “Good its not below that!”

  1. may be he has a stomach pain or somehting, u never know.. he might have had a heavy breakfast like FOUL for example from CANARY !! loooool

  2. Jen said

    hehehe ya your right, i think he’s got diarrhea from Canary food, he’s not used to it! loool

  3. rado said

    look to the man behind him,,,,:) he look at his @ss :)

  4. Rado, i think this guy is his personal BUTT bodyguard looool

  5. Jen said

    He doesn’t need a bodyguard, its already insured like JLO

  6. Fonzy said

    what an idiot, probably thinking “cant wait till this over to get me some lunch!”

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