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Sex On the Beach !

Posted by perfect eLement on January 23, 2007


I was surfing the net for some nice cocktail drinks, like what’s new today in this world and stuff like that.. so i had to start from somewhere in my research,, i begun with  “Sex on the Beach” drink :)) It’s funny i know,, but sadly this is the only cocktail name that i still remember after leaving Beirut for almost 6 years now and live in Kuwait:))) Anyway, i found out these 2 cool websites that has everything to do with cocktail drinks.. you just name it amigo and it’s yours!! ingredients, how many milliliters to drop, what kind of glass u can use for this specific cocktail and many more.. they have some updates on the new drinks too.. yalla enjoy this ride and CHEERSSSSSSS!!!!  drinknation  or drinksmixer


One Response to “Sex On the Beach !”

  1. Rado said

    very nice web… i like ‘Sex With Jennifer’ but any way for what this web if u living in kuwait….:)

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