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Is That True in Saudi???

Posted by perfect eLement on January 19, 2007


9 Responses to “Is That True in Saudi???”

  1. and very soon in kuwait

  2. Cyrus said

    r u serious?? but why?

  3. dutchman said

    No Way!
    If that really happens in Kuwait, I’d be the first to leave!
    As if this is the only reason I need :D
    Anybody needs anything from Leb?

  4. cYcLe said

    that from 6ash ma 6ash

    To watch it all download ithttp:// size 48. MB

  5. cYcLe said

  6. Cyrus said

    thx cycle.. that was a big releif :)

  7. fractal00 said

    LOL … that clip isn’t true , however i heard form my dad and some friends in Saudi that they are strict when it comes to these kind of things … but it is not like they enter ur house to tell you to sleep or something … just public gatherings i guess

  8. Hellraiser said

    There is huge difference betweem religion and traditions. If this was to be true it will have negative implications on the religion a thing that Saudi will never understand. i was in Riyad 2 weeks ago, I am not even allowed into shopping malls cause I am on my own. Now I wonder for how long people will put up with his kind of illeterate behavior. Kuwait will never see this kind of activities, although I do recall 8 years back if the police chack point stopped you and the girl sitting next to you was not a relation you would have serious issues. i sthis still the case today?

  9. perfect element said

    its still the same case but only in the suburbs..

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