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Dutchman is the MAN…

Posted by Kook on January 13, 2007

Sorry dutchman i might have been a bit harsh KOOKinator is very cute thx :)…. So to make it up to u i made this logo especially for u… the ONE…the ONLY… the Macho Man… the Gentle Man…the Smart Man…the Mahdoum Man… as in the Dutch MAN !!!
Hope u like it? :)


11 Responses to “Dutchman is the MAN…”

  1. Cyrus said

    Dutchman,, guess lezim t7ess 3a dammak ba2a wou totlob menneh ra2em kook :))

  2. Dan said

    kook pls resize the picture

  3. Dan said


  4. Jen said

    Hey guys, 3aib walla 3aib GROW UP!!

  5. Kook said

    Cyrus, ENTA lezim t7ess 3a dammak and ask my permission before (with respect to dutchman)

  6. dutchman said

    Ma 7adan yiddakhal bayneh w bein KOOKinator!
    Cyrus, moush natrak la 2ekhod ra2em KOOK.
    Jen, why do we need to grow up? Did we do anything wrong?

    KOOK!!!! Thanks…

  7. Cyrus said

    Dan.. i resized the picture.. coz i think KOOK ma3a do3of nazar :))

  8. DAN said

    ah ok tnx ya man …yemkin kook cheyfe dutchman that big (no offence) ya mr dutch:)
    jen u’r right about what u sad…

  9. Kook said

    Thx Dutchman… u really are the MAN!! U r my “bodyguard” :)

    Glad to know u liked ur logo :)))))))

  10. Jen said

    Not u Dutchman, i meant it for….they know who they r!!! :P

  11. dutchman said

    OK we can all agree that Dutchman is The Man!

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