“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!

Rest is peace

Posted by Dan on January 12, 2007


this is the last scene of gulf road speed trap

 05/01/07 .time 7;30 am it was eliminated  by  black trial blazer :) 7aram

any way if u have a lead foot… u know what to do( just stay in one piece)  

on that morning I hit 230 km b4 I saw the accident .

(spare me from the lecture ) .



15 Responses to “Rest is peace”

  1. Cyrus said

    uffffffffff… akala foufou el kharoufou bi hal accident

  2. Cyrus said

    ah, and one more thing… REVENGEEEEEEEEEEE !!!! it’s about time that someone knock out this piece of s..t !! i suggest we do a celebration :))

  3. dutchman said

    Bring out the boose and let’s party!
    Oh I forgot, the hot chocolate :(

  4. dutchman said

    OK then…
    Go to Costa and ask them for the Hot Chocolate I Ordered for you.
    In the meantime, I will be in Lebanon having a Drink! HA!

  5. […] of the camera on its death bed, turned out it was killed by a black Trail Blazer. Check it out. [Link] Filed under: Interesting, Kuwait, Automotive Posted by Mark on 01.13.07 | Related […]

  6. yazeed said

    that camera took my virginity.. it was my first time in kuwait,

  7. Cyrus said

    hehehe same here yazeed..

  8. DAN said

    yazeed u wanna talk about it ;)

  9. dutchman said

    Dan, Leave Yazeed alone!
    If he wants to talk, he will without you putting pressure on him :P

  10. arablondoner said

    Surely Rest IN peace?

  11. Fonzy said

    about time, hope all the other cameras follow! they cost me a lot of money :P

  12. DAN said


  13. dutchman said

    Well I can’t really complain since I don’t have a driving license yet :D Bass soon!

  14. dabeast said

    Camera…b gone…rest in pieces bitch!!!

  15. DAN said

    the real bitch is the one facing hard rock cafe!!!

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