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Matrix Box… Interesting !

Posted by perfect eLement on January 11, 2007

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A colleague of mine at work received today this box that he bought a few days back. It’s like a MATRIX FULL METAL JACKET :) it has everything to do with Matrix series, 10 dvd’s from Part I to the reload (part II) to the Matrix revolution (Part III) along with the “making of” each movie and lots of stuff as well, such as the overall production, characters, directors, designers, creators, etc … at the end, there’s a nice gesture from the company behind the box, a small souvenir of Keanu Reeves:) bass unfortunately he’s everything but Keanu:)) cheers


2 Responses to “Matrix Box… Interesting !”

  1. they make these really nice collections for alot of movies … not only the matrix … i have the godfather collection which is AWESOME

  2. Cyrus said

    really? man this set is a fortune.. it’s a kind of item that u save for a couple of years and then, it becomes triple the value..

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