“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!

NiCe CaTcH

Posted by Dan on January 9, 2007


is he stupid or what ?

but its a nice catch any way :)


15 Responses to “NiCe CaTcH”

  1. Kook said

    I know why u posted this Dan… just coz it was yummy right?

  2. Jen said

    U wished it was u… didnt u?? :o)

  3. Cyrus said

    please Jen specify, Dan wishes to be the guy or the GIRL? :)))

  4. DAN said

    maybe yummy but its weird how u sad that (not bad for a girl) :)
    no Jen i dont waist my time in wishing :P i get what i want when i want !!!
    but i would like to ask u the same question ;)
    cyrus…ZOOM in on that Wrigley fanny :)& pls let jen focus on my question ;)yabeela focus …

  5. Kook said

    Dan there r other things i find yummy but this is not one of them :P … look @ the reserved post and u’ll know why i said yummy!!

  6. dutchman said

    Yummy or not, Dan wishes to be somebody in this pic!!!!
    Maybe the guy on the left??

  7. Cyrus said

    or the guy shooting the photo:))

  8. dutchman said

    But I think the most probable answer would be:
    THE BRIDE :)

  9. Jen said

    Yabeela Kaf for the ass pinching guy!

  10. Cyrus said

    yabeela kaf 3al ass wou enteh el sed2ah:)))

  11. DAN said

    Dutchman not the bride !!! I wish to be her father :) i like shooting :) i would luv to shoot the zipperhead in the picture and u never know maybe someone else :)

  12. dutchman said

    Shooting eh??
    Keep telling yourself that! I’m not the one that needs convincing… Apparently, you are!

  13. Dan said

    apparently u dont know me !!! :) and what’s wrong with shooting ???

  14. dutchman said

    Don’t get me wrong!!!!
    Shooting is good…
    But I don’t think you got it in you!

  15. DAN said

    why ? tell me about it !!!

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