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A Piece of…

Posted by Kook on January 9, 2007

Ever since i started working @ the co. i noticed something really very weirdish, freakish, creepish and spookish @ my bosses office but in a FUNNISH way :) something u would go WOW!! (Meaning: Weird! Odd! Weird!… “World Of Weirdness”… or Wallah! Ooouft! Wallah!) The minute i laid eyes on that THING i was like MAMAMIYA!!! completely psyched… what on EARTH is this? i’m speechless… the pic speaks for it self just take a look
You MUST click to enlarge…Dont MISS this!!
Ok…whats up with the CORN?! and the BROOMS?! oopps i mean feathers… i thought it was a cleaning tool box or something. But this sure is out of this world… i must say!! I would truly love to meet the genius behind this master piece… coz it sure is a piece of …. ART!!!
Enjoy :)

P.S. My boss is totally attached to it and wouldnt let GO!! Just imagine what im going through…


2 Responses to “A Piece of…”

  1. Jen said

    What on earth is that! That piece of decoration must be from someone really special to his heart, no wonder he is so hooked up with it! I suggest he should shift it to the kitchen! :o)

  2. dutchman said

    Well I suggest he puts it in his chimney!
    In case he doesn’t have one, put it in his furnace and burn it…

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