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I’m Sorry…I Am Just A Man

Posted by Kook on January 8, 2007

im-sorry.jpgI was just chatting to my best friend and we were remembering our college days together… the classes we missed, the cheating, the laughs, the cafeteria… the unforgettable moments! We were young with no worries, just living and enjoying LIFE :) Well there was this song i’ve been trying to get a hold of for years now! It reminds me of those days… my freshmen year in uni, my group of friends and of course LEBANON… MY LIFE… HABIBI LUBNAN :) Thx to my one and only google (which i personaly cant live without) and of course my best friend for helping me remember… I FOUND IT! yes ppl… i finally found it! the song is called I’m Sorry by Just a Man. You’ll definately enjoy this one… great beat song, listen to the guitar playing @ the start of the song… i like that guitar beat. This song sure puts me in the mood for dancing :) Interesting clip reminded me of the movie “The Fifth Element”. So ENJOY :)

2 Responses to “I’m Sorry…I Am Just A Man”

  1. Cyrus said

    great song.. reminds me of the old good days too..:(

  2. gv said

    i have been looking for this song for a long time… so amazed that someone did the same like me

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