“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!

flying night club

Posted by Dan on January 1, 2007


yesterday i saw few guys in a dancing Toyota  lool …i guess that what i saw !!!

the car looks like a flying  super night club with light effects …  i had to take 17 pic

so i can show u the flash  light in it but none of the pic shows

the dancing chimpanzees in the clubyota :) i think they steep on a high voltage cable…

 they’re (SIK) dont get me wrong SIK=Saudi’s In K8

 what do u feel when u see like those ppl ?

i feel shy…


8 Responses to “flying night club”

  1. dutchman said

    I think I know what you’re talking about! Saw one of these once.
    But still interested in seeing the photo you took!
    Upload it again coz it’s not opening…

  2. Dan said

    try now

  3. dutchman said

    Is that a Stroboscope inside the car? How much do you pay for the entrance? Drinks included?
    Are these Vertical doors?

    I dig the doors not the stroboscope :)

  4. DAN said

    yes it is a stoboscope and it has vertical doors as well. for the entrance… all what u need is a dechdacha and empty head so i dont think that u can make it:)

  5. dutchman said

    Man :( and I was so eager to go!
    Just my luck! :)

  6. DAN said

    do u know? i told the guys in the picture that I’m going to post them on the website? i thought they might stop for a second to give the impression of being cool in the picture but they got crazy man. is that normal ?

  7. dutchman said

    It depends on your definition of Normal.
    If Normal is being a ridiculously Stupid, Dense, Brain Dead Airhead with a shit load of money and not a care in the world…
    Or Normal being like every other human being in the World?

    If the latter is the right definition, then HELL NO!!!!

    OK!! Everyone must excuse me, the thing is, you know how it is to come back from Leb even after 4 days!

  8. DAN said

    no problem man i think we all know how u feel …yukh :)

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