“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!

Cyrus Recipe For a Long Lasting Life !!

Posted by perfect eLement on December 27, 2006


Yes, not only Grandpa & Grandma have their own recipes.. even myself have my own one for a long lasting life.. :)) guess this habbit runs in the family:)))  Anyway, That’s me in the picture “CYRUS THE GREAT IN ACTION” sitting in a small corner in the kitchen preparing the magic recipe for a special family dinner: SALMON/PHILADELPHIA CHEESE ROLLS !

small corner: coz ken fi chi 16 people in the kitchen helping,  so i was lucky enough that i found a place to fit in & sit:)))


7 Responses to “Cyrus Recipe For a Long Lasting Life !!”

  1. Kook said

    Sho Chef Cyrus… it looks to me that u do have cute fingers too ;) Looks good hope u ENJOYED :) Sa7tein

  2. Jen said

    Hey Cyrus, you’d better give us a taste of “Cyrus Receipe for a long lasting life” when u get back.
    Yummmy…. bady 7osstey… :0)

  3. rotgold said

    Breadrolls from Wooden Bakery? ;-)Sahtain!

  4. dutchman said

    Ana Baddeh… Ana Baddeh… Ana Baddeh…
    I never tried it with Philadelpia! Yummmyyyyyyy :)
    Sa7tein Cyrus!

  5. DAN said

    u’r not wasting time!!! Aren’t u ? :)
    Enough food posts … we need some real action
    Why don’t u tell us what u did last night after 10 pm ;0)

  6. Cyrus said

    bala fadaye7 ya sabeh:))) usualy after 10 i go to sleep like a baby hahahaha…

  7. dutchman said

    Go to sleep eh?
    Teib I’m in Leb now, I might need some of the action that Dan is talking about.
    So tell me where are you sleeping after 10?? :)

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