“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!

Sleepless Night…

Posted by Kook on December 26, 2006

sleepless-night.jpgGod today really was a long endless day, it just felt LONG and ENDLESS!!! A tough, hectic day @ work since i was off yesterday, but its ok i handled the pressure and load of work, im used to it :). Not only was today LONG and ENDLESS but also SLEEPLESS… i just cant SLEEP! ummmmmmm maybe its Mr. Turkey guilt or something… IM REALLY VERY SORRY BUTTERBALL… I MISS U…FORGIVE ME! And my god ONLY 5 days left and we enter a New Year, can u believe it! Bye Bye Bye 2006 and HELLLLLLOOOO 2007. Time really passes quickly…life is short… so we really must ENJOY :) you better have ur New Year resolutions ready :). I bet u think this post is BORING! well its coz i do… im sorry but i just got carried away.. i’d better check this post tomorrow in case im dreaming or sleep walking ;). Just pray i dont have any BUTTERBALL nightmares coz i really must get some SLEEP, since tomorrow awaits another ENDLESS, sober day. Good Night Everyone…

P.S. i just bet that when Jen reads this tomorrow shes going to say its coz of BABA… well no Jen… Saba2tek Hal Marah ;)


One Response to “Sleepless Night…”

  1. DAN said

    i left this comment for the sake of time that u wasted on this post. ye3ne u can say 7a2 el 7ebrat :)

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