“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!


Posted by perfect eLement on December 26, 2006

Merry xtmas to all of you scientists:) hope you had a great eve wou tkounoh chrebtoh kesseh the same way metel ma ana chrebet kesskoun:) cheers.. (pic 1: is the first tree that welcomed me when i first entered our neighborhood, and the 2nd one is my mom’s creation at home, not bad for a person who didn’t get close to a xtmas tree for almost 20 years:) nothing personal, it’s just that i always used to take care of it)

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4 Responses to “MERRY XTMAS EVERYONE !!!”

  1. dutchman said

    Well Cyrus, Merry Christmas to you 2!
    I Hope… I know you definitely enjoyed your Christmas being with your family and all.
    We kinda missed you here since you always had something to say about everything! We thought you forgot about us when in Leb!
    I guess I was wrong!
    Anyway, See you very soon in Leb!

  2. KOOK said

    Sho 7elwi hal Christmas tree Um Cyrus :)

  3. Jen said

    Merry Christmas to u too Cyrus!
    BTW, I really like ur mum’s tree…it’s wonderful. :0)

  4. DAN said

    Merry Christmas cyrus kesak 3alatoul fou2…lool

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