“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!

Grand”MA” Recipe For a Long Lasting Life !

Posted by perfect eLement on December 26, 2006

click to enalrgeSandwich JNAYNEH !! :)) (That’s what my grandma call it)

Ingredients: Khebez mar2ou2, labneh, zeit, zaytoun, khiyar, na3na3, flayfleh, rocca, bassal, banadura and last but not least rasheet mele7 :))) wou alef sa7tein…!! (btw, i couldn’t finish it, so she forced me to eat it coz she beleives enno shabab of today are shabab CARTOON !!:)))


3 Responses to “Grand”MA” Recipe For a Long Lasting Life !”

  1. Jen said

    Yummmy…this really looks good. So, u will be back to Kuwait with 5 KG extra. As i can see ur mum & grandma are really feeding u well. :)

  2. DAN said

    haida saroukh el teta ? :)
    sa7ten 3ala 2albak :)

  3. rotgold said

    Getting ur grandmom’s knowhow to open a sandwich store anywhere in the world? ;-)

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