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Christmas Dinner (Part II)

Posted by dutchman on December 26, 2006

Ahhh Christmas Dinner!!!!!!!

The family was all gathered… The food was great, the wine excellent, the Chimney was out of this world…
OK Enough of that already…

As you know by now, I prepared a Christmas dinner that ended up by being a great success…


The food was excellent and we had a good time.
Although I didn’t have a Butterball :)  Sultan’s Turkey was very nice!
Kook!!! I expected you to join us… But who can blame you? You had a Butterball :)

Merry Christmas Everyone!


One Response to “Christmas Dinner (Part II)”

  1. Kook said

    Why thx u Dutchman :) i’m glad to know i was missed :)Looks like it was a great dinner.. nice Christmasy mood u had there. Well yes… i must admit ur right i just couldnt miss Butterball, sure was one tastey Mr. Turkey! Even though we had Butterball on Christmas Day but it was sure worth the wait :) trust me i know how to ENJOY my food :)

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