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Merry Christmas

Posted by Dan on December 25, 2006


what makes christmas nice in kuwait ?

nice place (marina hotel) with special program

super special ppl arround u (dont ask) :)

and 89 sms wishing u a merry christmas  (i’m still waiting to hit the 90 sms)



18 Responses to “Merry Christmas”

  1. Kook said

    So did u hit the 90 sms or still waiting? ;)

  2. DAN said

    i hit the 96 now i’m waiting the 100 :P

  3. Jen said

    So Dan, who are the special people?! :-P

  4. Fonzy said

    ur missing a nice bottle of wine:)

    merry x-mas

  5. dutchman said

    Didn’t we all miss the Wine Bottle!?!?! :(

  6. DAN said

    Nosy Jen !!!! did u read the (don’t ask) :P

  7. DAN said

    u’r right fonzy i’ve missed that …Dutchman is correct 100%

  8. dutchman said

    Dan, the Thing is, I wish I wasn’t correct.
    I would’ve killed for a good bottle of wine (not homemade) for Christmas.

    No matter, Lebanon… Here I come!! D-3days and counting!
    Anybody wants anything from there?

  9. DAN said

    how about mmm ??? let me see
    Few Christmas trees
    Casino and …. I gtg Mr. scrooge is here :)
    get some cute girls as well :P

  10. dutchman said

    Dan… I’ll see what I can do!
    As for the cute girls, you have Kook and Jen and all the others like them and you’re asking for cute girls? Shame on you…
    (Bass between us, I’ll also see what I can do:))

  11. Kook said

    Thx Dutchman :) im really flattered.. glad to know that there are still good, decent gentlemen as ur self that appreciate good things :) ENJOY ur time in Leb and Happy New Year :)

  12. Jen said

    Ya Dan, shame on u! :P Thx Dutchman :) Ya haik shabab ya bala.

  13. DAN said

    Be easy on me girls all what I’ve asked few girls no big deal …kmelet 3adad :P
    And it happens that Dutchman offers his services and I want to thank him for that :).
    what u want me to do …?
    dear’s I count quality not quantity but sometimes we all need cute accessories …don’t we ;)

  14. dutchman said

    Well Ladies, DAN makes a very good point: you should take it easy on him :)
    By asking for more ladies, he’s not ruling you out of the equation, he just needs to introduce some new blood to his entourage. Not that the old one isn’t good…
    C’mon DAN help me out here! Trying my best to help you out on this one!

    In DAN’s defense:
    A man/woman’s success is measured by the number of friends he/she has.

    But Dan… Question: Kmelet 3adad for what? Tarneeb? :)

  15. Kook said

    Sho Dutchman?? Ma3dak bel BALAD ;)

  16. dutchman said

    Yep :(
    Leaving tomorrow morning! Yey!

  17. DAN said

    tarneeb ?!!! loool come on they can do better than that ;)
    have a nice trip man…

  18. DAN said

    kook!!! ma3dak bil balad :)
    m3al2a ma3ik ma3da 3ala el (m) taba3 merry :P
    iza heik complete the following as the ex.
    dan= man
    cyrus = myrus
    jen =?
    Dutchman = ?
    kook= ?
    no offence. Ok?

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