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Exclusive: ONLY on RATLAB

Posted by Kook on December 25, 2006

As promised… please give a BIG applause to the ONE…and ONLY…the UNFROZEN… the ICELESS… the HOT… the FAMOUS… MR. TURKEY 2006! Exclusive… ONLY on RATLAB
Plz click to enlarge
i got to hand it to u… it was a great Christmas lunch, wish u were here ;) 7amdelah i was really full, i truly ate like my Chinese Zodiac… a PIG! Not only was BUTTERBALL a big hit, but everything was just perfect. But most importantly what made it perfect, was being around the ppl i love… my family :) and the lovely sms i got from my true friends. I LOVE U ALL :)
And a piece of advice, it doesnt matter where u r in the world as long as u r with the ppl u LOVE. ENJOY :)

P.S. Plz note that Mr. Turkey 2006 pics were photographed by Kook. All Rights Reserved, Property of RATLAB.


4 Responses to “Exclusive: ONLY on RATLAB”

  1. DAN said

    Why do I feel that u’r introducing the mystro :)

  2. Jen said

    Ya kook, food was great! Thanks ;)

  3. Fonzy said

    poor butterball :P

    looks great tho, sahtein and merry x-mas:)

  4. dutchman said

    Again… WOW That’s a big Turkey :)
    Looks like it was a great Dinner…
    Merry Christmas!

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