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Meet Mr. Turkey 2006

Posted by Kook on December 22, 2006

As like every year my mum cooks a turkey for Christmas. So my dad got the turkey today…and its my honor to present to u… the one…the only…give a loud applause for …Mr. Turkey 2006!
mr-turkey.jpg Plz click to enlarge
I did notice something funny though (god forgive me) but the name of the turkey is BUTTERBALL, suits a name for a pet like a cat or dog or something :) really, its like “here BUTTERBALL, come here boy, good BUTTERBALL, go get the ball BUTTERBALL :)”. Well i have to tell u something Mr. Turkey, im sorry to be the one to tell u this but try to enjoy your FROZEN time coz ur going to be GONE on Christmas :) yummy.. yummy


7 Responses to “Meet Mr. Turkey 2006”

  1. dutchman said

    WOW!! That’s a big turkey!
    How many people will be there for Christmas dinner?
    Seriously now, looks great. Enjoy!!!
    Well since I don’t have time to cook my own turkey, I’ll be getting it for Sultan! :D

  2. Kook said

    Yeah u saw that Dutchman, esmalah! :) Thx im sure going to enjoyyyyyyyyy… i love Christmas dinner… only the family… 6 of us

  3. dutchman said

    Well my family is gathering in Lebanon…
    Even mom and dad are also coming fom the States.
    Only my brother (he’s in Brazil) and I won’t be there this year :(

  4. Fonzy said

    then dont eat butterball, draw a smiley face on him, dress him in something cute, and hug him as u sleep every night:) ur gonna eat butterball!!!

  5. Cyrus said

    shu fi gheir el turkey 3al 3acha? :))

  6. dutchman said

    Cyrus… Why should you care? You’re not even in Kuwait!
    Anyhow, you make a good point… I’m curious to know what’s for dinner!

  7. Kook said

    Yummy, Yummy… Dont get me started Cyrus. Its a full delicious MENU… the traditional lebanese dishes like kebbeh nayeh, tabbouleh, kebbab, hommos, mou3ajanat…oooouft i could go on :) bas Mr. Turkey has stolen the spot light this year! We sure r going to have a good taste of BUTTERBALL :) ur welcome to join ;) I’ll try to get an after pic of Mr. Turkey… and yes Fonzy sorry to say that Butterball has to go…hhhhhmmmmmmmm and i cant WAIT.

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