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Thursday Mood: Baby Dont Go…

Posted by Kook on December 21, 2006

mood.jpgToday i wasnt in my usual Kook mood, and on top of that, BABA couldnt pick me up from work coz he was sicK. So i’m just posting to share with u this song i was playing throughout my half day @ work, yalli sar FULL day coz my ride was LATE BABA! So… HOPE U LIKE ;) Its by Close 2 u and the song is called BABA…oooppss… i mean Baby Dont Go, an 80’s classic. ENJOY ;)

Baby don’t go(Baby please don’t go)

In my dreams I know you’re always by my side
Everywhere I go you linger in my mind
I’ve been waiting so long for a special guy
Then you came to lift me up and make me fly

Baby don’t go I just want you here
Right by your side I won’t hide my tears
Baby don’t go, waited for so long
want you so,come on hold me strong

Got this feeling that I can’t resist you
From the moment I laid my eyes on you
Won’tyou tell me what you want to do
Cause my heart is getting lost inside of you(2X)

(Hold me in your arms and whisper in my ear)

Guess I’ve always known that you would say goodbye
Time and time again your love has made me cry
I’ve spent hours trying to get you on the phone
By the phone I bet you’re feeling so alone

Baby don’t go ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

(Hold me in your arms and whisper in my ear
Give me what I want, say the words I want to hear
Hold me in your arms like you never go away
I’m waiting for your touch, just begging you to stay

Got this feeling that I can’t resist you….


8 Responses to “Thursday Mood: Baby Dont Go…”

  1. Jen said

    Kook, is this song dedicated to BABA?! :-p

  2. Jen said

    opps! i mean the driver…

  3. Cyrus said

    hehehe i think so..:)) Kook? what did u BABA for xtmas? :))

  4. Kook said

    hahaha very funny Jen just felt like hearing the song… and Cyrus as for BABA i actually got him a new watch and i made it 10 minutes LATE! Lets just hope it lasts long before he realizes :)

  5. Jen said

    Kook dear, whenever i listen to this song i imagine u singing it to the driver. Baba don’t go…. hehehahaheha :D

  6. Kook said

    r u JEALOUS BABA?! Coz if u r Jen i could understand :P

  7. Jen said

    Ya kook, I’m very jealous coz i don’t have a BABA. I need a BABA badly!!! :(

  8. Kook said

    Jen khalas dont feel bad ma tez3ali… for u ONLY.. u can take BABA…ok BABA ;)Kam Jen fee 3anah?

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