“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!

Kook Kopperfield

Posted by Kook on December 21, 2006

Its been a week…and 4 days today and we have approached the weekend and still la hala2 no NETKA @ work! :( Trying to stay sober wasnt as easy as i thought! So as a normal netaholic would do…i had to do something that would pass the time… eno 3abee wa2te. So i decided to do MAGIC… yes ppl MAGIC. All i did was draw a pic of a Teddy Bear on paint and clicked PRINT and than… ABRA KADABRA KABOOOOOOOOM… the MOST cutest, SUPER sweetest, EXTRA adorable, cutelious (ooops sorry.. got carried away :)) Teddy Bear POPPED OUT! See for urselves :P
Still trying to pick a name though…ummmm probably would go for NETKA or something :)

P.S. Plz note that this is sober Kook talking… so its fashet kela2 ya jame3ah :) ya3ni like the song…”FESH khela2k, FESH NETKA ma FESH”


2 Responses to “Kook Kopperfield”

  1. rotgold said

    You draw a teddy bear and out comes a sheep? That’s what i call a miracle ;-)

  2. Kook said

    A sheep or a teddy bear Rotgold it doesnt matter coz something popped out :) and besides im no Monet ;)

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