“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!

Indian Rain Dance

Posted by dutchman on December 20, 2006

rain-dance.jpgAfter Kook’s Just Couples post, we need something different… (No offense Kook)

The Native Indians ad a ritual, which they performed to help them go through those hard summer days.
The rain dance helped get the skies to rain in order to water the land.

Now did anyone know why the rain dance always worked? and I mean ALWAYS…


14 Responses to “Indian Rain Dance”

  1. Cyrus said


  2. Fonzy said

    i never understood those. why?

  3. rotgold said

    I dont think it works, it is just a legend ;-)

  4. dutchman said

    Well it worked for a simple reason
    They kept dancing, day in day out…

    Till it FINALLY RAINED :)

  5. Fonzy said

    dutchman….. if i knew u in person, and if u were in front of me, i would have smacked u for this post :P no offense! :)

  6. dutchman said

    None Taken Fonzy.
    But the thing is: if you knew me in person, you’d think twice before trying to smack me! You’d just have to ask Cyrus.

  7. Cyrus said

    leave me out of this:)) Fonzy, am 179cm x 76 kg… so dutchman is like TWICE MY SIZE LOOOOLLLL…

  8. Fonzy said

    ok im pretty much the same size as cyrus. so u shud be double my size too. but u know size doesnt matter, its how fast u r bla bla bla :P so i will let u off the hook this time :D

  9. Cyrus said

    Hahahaha agree with u fonzy,, i always say this.. if one day i will face dutchamn, i will be BATAL KUWAIT BEL RAKED !!! :)))

  10. dutchman said

    Thanks Fonzy, appreciate it…

    But if you ever watched Godzilla, you’d know that Size Does Matter!!!!
    Just that we’re clear :)

  11. dutchman said

    AYOS Fonzy…
    Are you a scientist? Coz I can’t see your name in the list…

  12. Fonzy said

    i did watch Godzilla and correct me if im wrong…. Godzilla dies at the end :P

    Actually no im not a scientist. i got my own site, am just a visitor.

  13. dutchman said

    Well Fonzy…
    The thing is, Godzilla was a dirgrace to all of the people that fall into my category: HUGE, I was just using him to make a point that size matters
    Although the common saying is: The bigger they get the harder they fall, we like to live by the following saying:
    The bigger they get, the harder they hit :)
    Ponder on that for a while…

  14. rainman said

    they had to make the “sacrifice” by starting their crop on fire…then prayed for the rains to come b4 their crop was ablaze…also thier honor was in balance with the feather on “the scales”

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