“ratlab scientists” famous quote when they see lots of habal!

How Long Does It Take U?

Posted by Kook on December 20, 2006

Woke up this morning LATE! Cant be LATE today, my boss emdawam elyoum ba3ed his trip… fa i jumped out of bed like a Charles Angel and looked @ my clock… YA HABIBI! 5 minutes and the driver will be out horning and blabbering “Why u late BABA?”… “Mou zein sawee ta2kheer wajed enta BABA”. Well to avoid the BABA talk… i had to think fast and act fast… keeping in mind that what is motivating me is NOT to hear the BABA talk!… So i split my time:
1 minute: Brush teeth and wash up
1 minute: Choose sho badi elbess?
1 minute: Wear the clothes yalee na2eyton
1 minute: Comb hair, pinch cheeks and take the last glimpse of myself. Ok good to go….
Last minute: Get my bag, jacket and raced like FOREST GUMP to the car
Bas sho.. other than the famous matal that my parents always tell me…”Namee bakeer, fee2 bakeer, wa shofee el sohaa keef bet seer” i got alot of +ve feedback… eno ana asra3 wahde belbos :P So VOILA! it only takes 5 minutes…

P.S. i forgot to tell u… eno aslan i was already 5 minutes LATE coz my clock was 5 minutes LATE…. so i heard the BABA talk not the BABA character in Forest Gump, but the BABA himself for 5 BABA minutes! :)


2 Responses to “How Long Does It Take U?”

  1. Fonzy said

    5 minutes!?!? impressive. I need 30 at least especially since i have to wear a suit and tie everyday!!

    no morning shower? :P

    and whats up with pinching cheeks? :)

    and u know what cracks me up about ur posts… u speak two languages. stick to one:)

    “Choose sho badi elbess?”
    “Wear the clothes yalee na2eyton”

  2. Kook said

    Yeah 5 minutes only :) but its not like i do that everyday its only when im late to work BABA! I take an evening shower :) and pinching cheeks is one of Kooks natural beauty tips :P Thx for ur advise Fonzy ur probably right i must stick to one language ;)

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